Positive Affirmation Quote: Everything is Fine

This is from an insight of my own, just this week. We’ve all either experienced or seen this scenario:

“There, there dear, everything’s fine”.

Other, sobbing into a tissue, whirls around in rage, “Everything is not fine! How can you say everything is fine?”

Being told that everything is fine when we know good and well that it’s not fine, triggers resistance to healing and peace of mind. However, what if we tell ourselves this? I discovered this week that my personal credibility in this area carries some weight with me. If I tell me that everything’s fine, well then. It just may be.

There’s a joke about this that I love which I’m cleaning up for the sake of publication. It’s an acronym.

Fully In Need of Everything

Give yourself permission to really believe that everything is fine. There’s nothing to be concerned about, life is moving along the way that it should, and it’s OK for you to feel cheerful about it. You can even (see above) make jokes about it. “For a life that is sound and secure, cultivate a thorough insight into things and discover their essence, matter, and cause; put your whole heart into doing what is just, and speaking what is true; and for the rest, know the joy of life by piling good deed on good deed until no rift or cranny appears between them.” –Marcus Aurelius

Perhaps, quoting this affiramtion as a mantra during the day could shift negative emotions into a positive attitude for creating a little peace of mind.


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