Self Meditation for Daily Life: A hidden cause of stress

When you find you are having stress for what seems like no reason at all it is time to meditate on hidden causes. For those on a spiritual path, there is a source of emotional and psychological stressors which is rarely given the credibility that is deserved. This is the condition of the physical body and the changes it may be experiencing. I have seen conditions from depression to acute paranoid schizophrenia rapidly resolve when a simple physical examination is made and appropriate action taken.

One client who had dropped into a sudden, unexplained depression was found to be experiencing withdrawal symptoms from chocolate. Another person who was haunted by voices “from Hell”, telling her what a terrible person she was, regained her inner balance after having 2 serious dental abscesses treated. All too often, the body is a reflection of our inner processes, but the situation works both ways. Neglect or ignorance of our physical requirements can exacerbate a mental or emotional condition.

The metaphysician may need to be a bit more liberal in their interpretation of physical conditions than someone following traditional or even many alternative healing protocols. Perhaps this is due to the fact that physical conditions are often symbolic of deeper emotional or spiritual concerns. A change in diet, though medically indicated, may provoke a deep sense of deprivation or an artificial feeling of intoxication. Common sense should be used in determining the factors involved.

In our “pill-happy” culture, the real cause of a situation may be overlooked and only the symptoms be addressed. I’ve personally worked with several people who were on prescribed anti-depressants who were fine after they stopped getting drunk every day. As I said, common sense. Just look at the “hidden causes” behind the situation. They needn’t be that hidden after all.

A healthful daily meditation practice is to check in with your body to discover stress symptons and discover where they may lead you.

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