Meditation for Daily Life: Rest And Relaxation

As a daily meditation don’t forget the to incorporate rest and relaxation. They are the primary requirements for peace of mind. Simple isn’t it? This is very easy to forget though, when we become caught up in the flurry of our daily affairs. Also, it is far too easy to neglect ourselves when we are taking responsibility for others. Don’t do it. We can make ourselves so tense that effective functioning goes out the window. This serves no one.

We all have the ability to take 10 minutes in our day to close the door, close our eyes and let everything go. The “letting go” part is the important one. Closing your eyes and worrying about your next chore doesn’t count. Here’s a technique to try:

Close your eyes

Let go of your job. For the next 10 minutes, you don’t have one.

Let go of your family. For the next 10 minutes, they don’t exist.

Let go of your car, house, and all your possessions. They’re gone for the next 10 minutes.

Let go of your body. In 10 minutes you can have it back.

Now, just be there for 10 minutes and float.

Do this daily meditation and watch your peace of mind improve. Daily living will become more balanced and productive.

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