Meditation for Daily Living: Inner Peace

A wonderful meditation to increase happiness in daily living is to discover inner peace. One of the great temptations of life is to attempt to make an external source responsible for our sense of inner peace. This can be a person, a job, an economic situation or any number of other things. The fact is though, that these cannot create inner peace for us. It must begin within, on our own initiative.

You or I can choose to experience peace in our lives. When we choose to experience peace in our hearts, this magic can happen. Oddly enough, many of us have not chosen this simply because it hadn’t occurred to us that it was possible. It is. Very often, the decision to experience peace in our own hearts can be very soothing and centering. From this point, other miracles can take place.

Forgiveness, release, interaction with our inner child, can all occur with greater ease after the choice to experience inner peace is made. I suspect that the reason for this is that our psyche can then understand that we are now taking charge of our state of mind and no longer being the victim of outside sources which can shake our inner balance.

In our hearts we can always be free. We can be free to feel what we want, hold our own opinions and grant ourselves our own level of respect. Allow yourself to experience the freedom of a peaceful heart today. You have the right to choose this.

Try a daily practice where you meditate on inner peace and find if you begin to feel a sense of more personal freedom in your life.

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