Positive Affirmation: I Have Faith in the Goodness of Life

A very positive affirmation that instills an open heart is to honor goodness. It seems that you can put two people in the same situation and they will have wildly varying opinions on the goodness or badness of it. Most of life is that way. Choosing to view life as good is a very real option.

It is a choice, your attitude is always a choice. If you believe that s**t happens, then sure enough, it will. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy. If you believe that life is good, you’re far more likely to experience life’s treasures.

Choosing to believe in the goodness of life doesn’t make you stupid or naive, it puts you in control. Yes, the cynics among us are right, a pessimistic view of life is accurate, for them. It needn’t be yours.

Take some time with this affirmation and watch positive results come from it as you connect to opportunities through the goodness of your heart and the hearts of those you encounter.

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