Anger, Fear, Envy and Remorse: Negative Emotions that Block Abundance

Negative emotion interferes with prosperity consciousness in a very distinct way. Anger, fear, envy and remorse are all major barriers to the manifestation of abundance. That doesn’t mean that these feelings should be repressed, only that they need to be directed in a positive fashion.

Surprisingly often, negative emotion is our effort to get satisfaction in ways that we did as an infant, the way that a baby cries to signal it’s needs. It tends to presuppose that we are helpless and that there is no other way to deal with the situation. We can forget that as adults, it rarely improves matters for us.

Understanding our emotions is necessary and relevant, but these emotions cannot be viewed as a solution to our prosperity issues. Negative emotions will not bring us closer to our goals, provide additional support or increase our personal security. Changing the attitudes which create negative emotions, may.

For example: We may feel sadness and disappointment that we’re working at a job with uncongenial people at a low wage. Sadness and disappointment will not alter the situation, though at some level we may feel that perhaps someone will notice our feelings and make it better for us. It’s far more likely that if we transform these emotions into hope, faith and determination, we will open a channel for good to come our way.

How often do we hear, “Is my life ever going to be better? Or will I always be miserable, poor and unlucky?”. These messages tell us exactly why the person is miserable, poor and unlucky. They feel unsupported by their world, and are crying out for it to heal them. Unfortunately, this can rarely occur until a personal decision is made to heal. Belief in personal poverty, misery and “unluckiness” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. A multi-millionaire may feel this way after losing a bundle in the stock market. An aborigine may feel that they’re the luckiest and wealthiest person in the world by getting a new wife. It’s a matter of perspective and we choose our perspective. Choose the one that makes life better.

To help us turn toward that which we choose to create, rather than dwell in negative emotion I created this positive wealth building affirmation. A prosperity affiramtion can help us release negative emotions so that we can build a prosperity destiny and vision for manifesting abundance.

“As I breath out and release my negative emotions I replace them with trust in the universe.”

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