German Music Artist: Uwe Gronau’s Midsummer CD is Like Sound Painting

German musician, Uwe Gronau’s newest CD release, Midsummer (confido) is quite an accomplishment.

The album cover and CD graphics are artful, and displays a beautiful color illustration with rippling blue water effects in the background. You just want to open the cover to see what treasure may lay inside.

But before you do, you turn the jacket over to see a quote on the back that states:

Midsummer is a prime example for the creative art of a musician, for whom the bond between sound-painting, sensitivity and inner passion is very close to his heart. —M. Hoing

Music as Communication

Uwe Gronau PictureOne of the unusual aspects that contributed to the variety of tunes in the Midsummer two CD set is how Gronau’s creativity was influenced and inspired by the teachings of Ludwig Wittgenstein. He is one of the world’s greatest philosophers who studied the relationship between reality and thought.

The act of thinking is reality, but what you think may not be. Wittgenstein said that new music becomes a new part of our language, and he basically trusted instrumental music to serve as true communication more than speaking. Uwe has spun up these concepts, and puts them into action by compiling such an assortment of music in one ambitious package.

The first CD consists of 18 rhythmic tunes.  You will hear songs that draw by combining instruments like piano, synthesizer, drums, sitar, organ, strings, harp, guitar, snares, Celtic flute, acoustic guitar, and even an English horn. Most songs are a blend of two, three, and sometimes four instruments. For instance, the last tune on disc one, “Coming Home” is a mix of piano, acoustic guitar, and English horn. The first CD is more upbeat, featuring upbeat ensemble tunes, as well melodic solo piano pieces, plus a few spacey, ethereal, synth dreams.

The second CD is softer compositions and a bit more melodic. You will feel yourself move into a dreamy state listening to the more ambient, dreamy and often spacey and melodic music. Between the two CDs you really get a sense that Gronau does relate to music as a communication tool for he is good at creating moods and mystical feelings

Two Distinctly Different CDs in One Package

Uwe Gronau Midsummer 2-CD SetIn some ways, I felt a connection to the past when listening to the first CD. Many of the tunes reminded me of places I had been before.

Then when listening to the second CD, I felt like I was listening to a variety of different artists. Uwe Gronau is not a simple person, for his enthusiasm for creative diversity is fully expressed in Midsummer. You can also get a sense that he is passionate about his creative spirit and wants to allow his expressions to flow freely. You will certainly get your money’s worth. The two CD set has a total of 35 tunes that span from the more mellow side to meditative music.

As a new age music artist, Uwe blends acoustic and electronic sounds together while incorporating various hints of jazz, pop, prog-rock, techno, trance, chill, ambient and even space music. A very enjoyable experience.

To listen, visit Amazon > Midsummer CD by Uwe Gronau

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