Are you considering naming your baby according to numerology?

Well, renowned astrologers and numerologists certainly think that numerology is indeed the best way to name a child. A child’s name can have a strong influence on the child’s personality and his ultimate fate as per numerology. Names always bear a meaning and have a reason behind them. So, when we say a name we are affirming something that is going out to the universe and the same is reciprocated back to us as per the law of nature. Hence, every single word be it a name or any other word does influence our personality.
But, how far is numerology responsible in shaping a person’s destiny is a little difficult to say right now. So, let’s find out about numerology in detail. Numerology is all about numbers and it believes that the numbers have an impact on every living and non-living thing on this planet. The basic idea behind naming a child as per the numerology is to reflect the positive qualities in the child due to the impact of the number value of his name. It helps in finding out what suits you and what does not suit you to lead a successful life. It also helps to predict what may come your way, any potential obstacles that may hinder your path and the best ways to achieve your goals.

Each number and its significance

Number 1: It denotes leadership abilities and an independent nature. These are strong personalities who do very well financially in life.

Number 2: It reflects adjustable and co-operative personalities. They tend to work very well as a team player.

Number 3: Such people have pleasant personalities and are good orators and public speakers. They are fun to talk to and also have an active social life.

Number 4: They can get into meticulous detailing and can put everything in order. They would want to lead a disciplined life and would do everything possible to bring in the required discipline.

Number 5: It suggests an enthusiastic personality, vibrant energy and versatility. You would find such people engaged in many activities to get rid of boredom in life.

Number 6: Such people give priority to their families. They would share the responsibilities and would do anything possible to make their family comfortable.

Number 7: People with number 7 are highly self-dependent and have a quest for knowledge. They love to get into research and often form great academics.

Number 8: A practical nature and the desire to achieve are the traits found in people with number 8.

Number 9: People with number 9 are humane and selfless. They believe in giving selflessly to others.

Numbers 11 and 22: These are special numbers that indicate some intrinsic values in people. These numbers are not added up further as they have their own strong values. People with Number 11 are highly spiritual and are idealists. They will always be on top of their chosen fields. People with Number 22 are charismatic. They can understand a problem and the solutions to it really easily and that is something that distinguishes them from the rest of the people.

These were the insights needed to consider a numerological name that suits your child. A lot of people go for astrology whereas others go for numerology to name their babies. However, the baseline remains the qualities that your child is exposed to while growing up, which helps to shape up his or her destiny in life. Whichever way you choose to name your baby, just be happy about it and these vibrations will then get communicated to your child as well.

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