HGH and anti-ageing: The secret to reversing the clock

Have you ever seen men and women in their 50’s or 60’s, who look just as well as those around them who are in their mid 30’s? Well, these days I assume the answer is “YES” because never before, has anti-ageing medicine been so popular as it is today. Besides, as most of the developed world now have an ageing population, it is fair to say that this trend is here to stay.

Clearly, every medicine or treatment has “Pro’s and con’s”, which is why we would not recommend taking anything without consulting a medical professional. However a lot more is known about HGH (human growth hormone) and in this article, I’d like to spend a moment to demystify HGH:

HGH is used for several reasons, not just to look younger:

a) Recovering from injuries: Due to the fact that it spurs rapid growth and provides for more muscle and bone density, it is one of the things (along with oxygen therapy) that can yield incredible results for people who struggle to recover.

b) Solving depression and low moods: Often, low moods are as a result of hormonal changes with ageing. HGH – a growth hormone, effectively interrupts the normal hormonal cycles and is a bit like turning back the clock. Hence, it is not surprizing that people also FEEL better after taking HGH.

c) A more luminous appearance: Yes, besides looking younger and feeling stronger, you can appear more luminous. Have you seen people after a month of vitamins and anti-oxidants such as acai berry? Their skin starts to shine – well, the same happens for most people who take HGH.

d) Several medical conditions: People are always surprized to hear that HGH is also used to treat kidney disease, low levels of sex hormones, the effects of HIV/AIDS on muscular mass – and short bowel syndrome that prevents the proper supply of nutrients throughout the body.

Debunking the bad wrap:

You may have heard stories about people who developed spade-like hands or sharper and longer chin bones – well, this is certainly not the case with all HGH users and now that hundreds of thousands of people have taken HGH, it would seem that this can be largely attributed to overdosing – i.e. when people are not happy to look 10 years younger, but are pushing to look 25 years younger. Really, you have to remember that taking multi-vitamins, sun, exercise and other dietary considerations, all work together to make you look younger. Relying exclusively on HGH and trying to push it to the extreme, is not advisable: it is all about a healthy balance.

It is normal to ask several questions before starting with HGH treatment, for example “What are the potential side-effects?” or “Am I in the right condition to start HGH treatment now?” and importantly, “Is the supplier a buy from, a credible FDA or EU approved entity?”.

Well, we may not be aware of all the celebrities who use HGH, but a few huge names have surfaced in recent years: Tyler Perry, Dixie Carter , Sylvester Stallone, 50 Cent,  Nick Nolte and Oliver Stone. I mention this because these people are certainly still in great shape!

When you are looking to obtain hgh for sale, remember that cheaper is not always better. Do get additional tips on the subject.  HGH is usually an expensive product due to it’s sophistication. Your health should be the no.1 priority, hence sourcing the right quality product, is something you should do with your doctor or through the help of a qualified pharmacist.

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