Online Psychics: What You Should Know Before Trying Out Phone Psychics

At some point in life people have problems that may overwhelm them and they wonder about the future. It may be loss of a loved one to death or job problems or relationship problems. That is when they think of consulting a psychic to find out what is going on and what the future holds. Nothing is as convenient as an online psychic who can be in another part of the country and still give a reading.

psychics4todayBetter still, there are free readings available so that one can sample the work of a psychic before going in for more. Unfortunately, there are con artists out there who can ask for a lot of money and do a bad job or ask you to reveal information instead of doing a reading. There are a number of things that you can do to protect yourself. Even if you find an authentic psychic, you still need to know a few things before you consult one.

  1. Are you looking for a psychic or a medium? Not every psychic is a medium but every medium is a psychic. Here is the difference. The psychic receives intuitive impressions about your current life, your future and even your past. A medium connects with at least one of your loved ones who have passed away. Decide in advance which one you prefer so that you can know what to expect. Obviously if you want to hear from your loved ones on the other side you will look for a spirit medium.


  1. Ask for references. Check online for any reviews for the psychics that you have selected. is a great website to look for reviews of the best online psychics. If reviews are good, then you expect them to have happy clients all over the country and most of them do good business by word-of-mouth. Ask for references from a number of psychics that you are considering before deciding on which one to work with. Follow up on those references and if a number of people are happy with certain psychics, choose from those then book an appointment.
  2. Go for a free session first. Even after checking references, can you be sure? Since most psychics offer a free session first, go for that. It is from that reading that you will tell if the psychic is genuine and then you can book a longer paid session.
  3. Do not have a specific agenda. It is safer to call the psychic with an open mind and see what happens. A genuine psychic will receive information and give you what is relevant to you and what you need at this particular time.
  4. Let the psychic lead the session. Do not lead the psychic, let the psychic lead you. If you lead the psychic, then you will never know if the information is genuine or not. This person is a professional who should give you the information as it is received and all you have to do is to confirm the impressions he/she receives. If you give too much information you will either frustrate a genuine psychic or give a false psychic information to use. During the reading you may elaborate on a point of course.
  5. Listen to the dependable details. A genuine psychic will spontaneously give you titbits of information that may sound trivial but which actually confirm that the psychic has connected with you properly. For example, he/she may give certain information about a deceased grandparent or other loved one that will confirm to you that he/she is onto one of your guides. The information may be something that you may believe is not important for now and yet be important to you in the future. Therefore, after the session try to remember everything that you have been told.
  6. Be prepared to terminate a session that does not feel right. Reputable psychics do not predict your death or predict any tragedy or tell you that you have a curse that they can remove at an extra cost or give you winning lotto numbers. They will also not increase their fees on each subsequent visit. If this happens stop the session. Also, if you notice that the psychic is struggling to connect with you and is bluffing stop the session and do not pay.

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