Understanding Energetic Anatomy: A Review of The Subtle Body by Cyndi Dale

Drawing on world traditions of the human energy systems and on contemporary scientific research, Cyndi Dale presents a concise and comprehensive understanding of our influential energy systems in The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy (Sounds True).

This reference guide is revered by holistic care practitioners, medical physicians, and ordinary people interested in complementary healing.

All aspects of the wellness of our mind, body, and soul are covered in this manual. Dale discusses thoroughly how creative and destructive forces promote health or lead to the manifestation of disease, and how the power of intention dramatically impacts the quality of care for both the patient and the practitioner.

About The Subtle Body

Physical and Spiritual EnergyThe Subtle Body is a comprehensive reference guide describing energy systems and their connection to the physical human body using well-described terms, detailed illustrations, and descriptive entries. Drawing on a variety of healing traditions—such as Ayurveda, Qi gong, Reiki, Quabalah, and others—and modern scientific research on energy healing—including quantum physics and electromagnetics—Dale gives readers an understanding of the subtle anatomy, or the invisible forces that govern our health.

Dale also emphasizes the benefits of integrating the energy modalities of Eastern traditions with the scientific perspectives of the west, and how complementary approaches offer new diagnosis and new therapies for patients.

The Subtle Body outlines details on energetic structures—like body meridians, chakras, and energy fields—and how these influence our health. As a vital component to the book, Dale discusses the often overlooked but essential role of intention in health care: the belief that healing is affected by the healer’s and the patient’s beliefs or perspectives.

Cyndi Dale, Energy Healer

World renowned energy healer Cyndi Dale is passionate about bringing to people’s knowledge an understanding of their own unique energy fields. This accomplished author has written several best-selling books, including New Chakra Healing, and produced popular audio seminars, such as Advanced Chakra Wisdom.

Dale wanted to provide a concise reference book that would allow good healers to become great. By showing readers how energy is the common element in healing traditions dating back thousands of years, Dale provides a basis for people to incorporate alternative therapies into their lifestyle and healing practices.

Award-Winning Reference Book

Cyndi Dale's The Subtle BodyWhen Dale embarked on the creation of The Subtle Body, her intention was to create something that could be appreciated by someone with little or no understanding on energy healing or alternative healing modalities. She also wanted to ensure that energy healers and medical professionals could appreciate the scientific components of the encyclopedia, and incorporate some of the traditions outlined in the book into their practices.

This widely-lauded and thoroughly researched book has won several prestigious awards, including the 2010 Gold Nautilus Award for Health/Healing/Energy Medicine, the 2010 Silver Lining Now Award for Health/Wellness, and the 2010 Bronze IPPY for New Age.

The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy provides all readers with a detailed understanding of the influential energy systems that govern our bodies. Bridging the energy traditions spanning back thousands of years to today’s modern understanding of anatomy, Dale has created an indispensable reference book.

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