7 Hours of Training: Cyndi Dale Advanced Chakra Wisdom Audio Series

Chakra knowledge opens up a new realm of health and wellness perspectives regarding many common physical and emotional conditions, such as chronic pain or depression.

Understanding the philosophy of chakra healing can also allow individuals to address many of the internal energy blocks that manifest themselves into states of confusion, addictions, or even financial problems.

Intuitive healer Cyndi Dale shares her knowledge on the power of chakra balancing that comes from working with this system in an informative audio CD, Advanced Chakra Wisdom: Insights & Practices for Transforming Your Life (Sounds True), designed for increasing people’s understanding of the power of their own chakras.

Chakras: Energy Organs

ChakrasChakras, a Sanskrit term meaning “spinning wheels of light,” are the physical body’s energy organs that process both sensory and energy data and connect us to the universe as a whole. They serve as the connectors with the physical body, as well as our past, present, and future destinies. With understanding of the chakra sytem, including each of their colors, one is able to tune in to their own natural energy centers and to balance them and make positive changes to their overall sense of well being.

Many esteemed scientific research institutions—including UCLA and Duke University—have studied the powers of the chakra system as a legitimate energy healing philosophy. Using various chakra techniques, people have successfully transformed undesirable states of physical, emotional, and spiritual health into the positive, natural states of wellness.

Intuitive Energy Healer Cyndi Dale

Cyndi DaleEsteemed intuitive Cyndi Dale strives to help people make positive changes in their lives by identifying with their unique energies. As president of Life Systems Services, Dale counsels individuals to develop skills and awareness of intuitive healing.

Dale is known internationally as a leader in the field of the healing arts. With a passion for energy healing, Dale presents seminars all over the globe that cover a wide range of holistic wellness subjects, including shamanism, intuition, healing, prosperity, and spirituality. Many attendees to her workshops include people referred to her by psychiatrists and therapists.

Dale has shared her vast knowledge on the subjects of intuition and energy healing in a number of books, including the bestseller New Chakra Healing, The Complete Book of Chakra Healing, and The Subtle Body: The Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy. This accomplished author, speaker, and healer has also developed an invaluable CD titled Advanced Chakra Wisdom: Insights & Practices for Transforming Your Life.

Achieving Chakra Wisdom

Advanced Chakra Wisdom DVD SeriesIn Advanced Chakra Wisdom Dale discusses the power that opening and balancing the chakra points has as a healing tool. Dale draws upon her vast knowledge of alternative healing traditions—such as qi medicine and shamanism—and even Western scientific theories to explain many types of effective chakra treatments. Dale’s intention with this audio set is to assist listeners in converting their dreams into realities and rediscovering their destinies.

The guided meditations Dale shares are designed to steer the listeners towards a closer understanding of their chakras. These practices are designed for the exploration of:

  • healing;
  • strengthening interpersonal relationships;
  • increasing one’s creativity; and
  • achieving greater spiritual connectedness.

Beginners in chakra philosophy will appreciate the basic fundamentals Dale explains about the healing aspects they offer, while more experienced listeners are able to expand their understanding with further details on the chakra practices.

The philosophy of balancing the chakras to promote healing can reveal to people the powers they have for change and allow them to discover useful solutions to achieve an overall positive state of being. Advanced Chakra Wisdom is one tool that serves as a key to unlocking this potential. Dale’s series consists of six discs providing seven hours of training.

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