Pisces Characteristics are Intuitive, Sensitive, and Kind

By Robin Ohara

Looking back, it seemed that all the friends who made an impact on my life as a teenager and young adult were people who truly personified certain zodiac signs. Take Pisces characteristics, for example.

I met Adam went I climbed on top of a roof to retrieve a Frisbee. He was dangling his feet over the edge of a six story building in Seattle. We had been across the street on another rooftop and one of the boys (A Sagittarius) had just won a bet as to whether or not he could toss the disc from one rooftop to the other. They sent me down in the elevator, across the street, and up in that elevator to the roof stairs. Adam was holding the Frisbee when I found him. Typical Taurus that I am, I asked why he hadn’t just thrown it back.

”I wanted to see who would come get it,” he replied. Not if anyone would come get it.

Pisces are intuitive, sensitive, and kind. They are curious as to the universe and often are accused of having their head in the clouds-in Adam’s case literally. They are easily led and easily hurt, not because they are gullible-they are not- but because they are idealistic. They simply do not understand why someone would need to treat people badly. They are not gullible, true, but they do tend to be unworldly. Another trait is their capacity for escapism-two words sum up Pisces perfectly, Curt Cobain.

I am often asked about zodiac sign compatibility. Pisces is one of the few signs that do best with another like sign, the best mate for a Pisces is another Pisces. The worst pairing would be with a Taurus, and I’m here to tell you that it is true. While Adam and I stayed fast friends throughout the rest of high school, we never ever came close to being an item. His moodiness and starry eyed attitude drove me crazy. Sometimes I just wanted to shake him and tell him to stop trusting everybody!

Okay, so those are the best and the worst compatible signs with Pisces. In between let’s look at Pisces Leo relationships. In short, we’re talking one night stand. Think about it, a lion will eat a fish, and the brash Leo will too often hurt the sensitive Pisces feelings.

Let’s look at, say, Pisces and Sagittarius. Archer spears fish? Nope. Pisces is optimistic and the sag is adventurous. A great match, when it comes to Pisces and marriage, Sagittarius is the next best choice to another March born sign.

Now onto zodiac compatibility and loving a Pisces woman, they tend to be restless and philosophical, so the way to her heart is intelligent conversation. She is very forgiving because she is so idealistic, and sees no reason to keep arguing. She does not hold grudges. Make no mistake, though, just because she has the free spirit of someone from out of the sixties, don’t show up in patchouli oil and sandals for your date. She likes materialistic things as well, and appreciates good food and nice surroundings. It might be a good idea to read up more on Pisces characteristics before you make the first move- shame on you if you break this woman’s heart.

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