Astro-Pocket – Astrology Charting Shareware Program

If you use a PalmOS PDA or another PDA device that is compatible, you can have your 2007 horoscope information right at your fingertips no matter where you go. Astro-Pocket is a full featured Western astrology charting shareware program designed specifically for PDA devices. You can download a free copy which has all the features except the ability to save more than one chart. Once you learn how powerful this application is, you’ll want to register it so that you can have all your astrology and horoscope information saved in your PDA.

It’s amazing how much power is available for studying Aquarius astrology, casting Libra horoscopes or working with any of the signs of the zodiac. The processing is speedy and accuracy is to within one minute of arc. The color support is exceptions for those PDAs that support color display. You’ll find both the Gregorian and Julian calendars, eight house systems, major and minor aspects where you can define orbs and true or mean lunar nodes. Whether you want geocentric, Draconic or heliocentric charts, they are quickly and easily created. Astro-Pocket even has an atlas covering more than 2,300 locations. If you want to transports your 2006 horoscope information to your desktop computer, all you need to do is select the “export to memo pad” function. It’s that easy.

You can begin downloading your free trial Astro-Pocket application with just one click. You’ll find yourself much less stressed as you wait in line or wait for any reason because you can now use the time productively to study your Pisces astrology or any zodiac sign that you might choose.

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