Characteristic of Zodiac Sign Aries: How to Spot Their Personality

When looking for the characteristics of the zodiac sign Aries, you can usually tell by looking if someone was born under the sign of the Ram. You’ll know they are an Aries by the blur. Just like a young ram, the Aries Sunsign jumps and flits and leaps about with what may look like reckless ab andon. Truth is, Aries personalities simply don’t want to miss a thing and they rarely do. This sign is the Zodiac’s most adventurous pioneer, rarely taking time to think things through. The Ram would always rather do than think, act than ponder. Fortunately, they also have an extraordinary amount of luck. Good thing, too, because they usually lands upright, tiny hooves teetering at the brink.

Then, with typical Aries ego, the female will shake herself twice and act as if the whole scene was deliberate. She meant to skid to the edge like that, and she might give you an indignant little snort, to boot. Think Charlie Chaplin and Billie Holiday as having strong characteristics of zodiac sign Aries.

Aries is named for the Greek God of War, counterpoint to the Roman’s god, Mars. Being named for a war god is appropriate; many people find Aries to be the troublemaker of the Zodiac. It isn’t because the Aries, God of War wants it that way, it’s just that she tries so many different things so quickly and often without the bothersome delay of thinking things through and that always seems to be a good recipe for trouble with the Arian served up as the main course.

Even when adventuresome, brave Aries-Ram completely blows it, you can know that she gave it her entire best efforts. Never one to go half-tilt at anything, because she plunges in full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes and all. Even when a failure has happened, Aries personalities are quick to brush off and get back in the groove. The Ram never stays down for long. And a word of advice, never tell a Ram they can’t do anything. You just gave them a mission. Many an Aries has conquered adversity not for a truly noble cause but simply because they were told they couldn’t do something. Their ambition? They win.

No sign will work harder than an Aries personality on a mission to succeed and many famous Arians have done just that, for example Spike Lee, Quentin Tarantino, Marlon Brando and Leonardo De Vinci were all born under the influence of this dynamic sign. Best of all when an Aries, symbol of the determined Ram, does finally shine from all that hard work, the characteristically hard driving nature will be in the mood to celebrate victory.

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