Astrology Natal Chart Interpretation: Part 2

albertThis page continues with the chart interpretation for Albert Schweitzer. We have covered the influences surrounding his Jupiter and Neptune, which are the major significators for a humanitarian.We will now look at the elevated planet. Albert has one elevated planet, Uranus. An elevated planet is one close to the Midheaven or 10th House cusp. It’s position indicates where the person spends most of his energy, and it is most prominent to the world. In Albert’s case his Uranus does even more.

Finding the pattern. The pattern showing in this chart is commonly called “the bucket”. Isn’t that poetic? It’s not a perfect bucket, but a bucket it is. Notice that the majority of his planets are contained within half of his chart (when checking patterns we typically ignore anything but actual planets, so pay no attention to the extra symbols). From Jupiter to Pluto, which are in opposition by sign, imagine a flat line. Hanging up there all by it’s lonesome, is Uranus. Uranus is at right angles or squares to Jupiter and Pluto, giving a “handle” to the bucket. Technically, this is all a bit loose, since by degree the spacing is overly generous. You’ll see that the principles still apply however.

We weigh the importance of this handle quite heavily. Essentially, his Uranus carried the weight of the whole rest of the chart. He tended to live out of his Uranus even more so than his Sun or ascendant. This was quite a weight too, because sitting like a stone, dead center in the middle of the bucket is Saturn, directly opposing Uranus. Saturn is a very heavy planet, imposing limitation and restriction and it’s living in Uranus’ natural sign of Aquarius. Quite a quandry don’t you think? Additionally, Uranus is in the natural sign of it’s opposition, Leo. These oppositions make for a conflicted inner life.

Albert learned to use these conflicts constructively, although it couldn’t have been comfortable for him. Saturn in Aquarius can indicate a sense of responsibility for mankind, while Uranus in Leo meant that he needed to do so in a big, flashy way. Although he garnered a good deal of admiration and respect for his activities, we know that he shocked a lot of people down to their core. Similar to Mother Theresa, he went where “no man had gone before” into living conditions which were abhorrent to the average European citizen. He contacted people from whom he could have contracted deadly diseases, and brought his activities to the attention of the elite.

Albert has yet another interesting opposition. He has Mars in Scorpio in the 2nd House and Pluto in Taurus in the 8th House. In the natural chart, these sign positions are reversed, giving even more of an opposition “flavor”. Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th House rule OPM (other people’s money). Mars in the 2nd House of personal resources and money, gives an intense motivation to procure funds. He managed to finance himself abundantly, and evidently could turn on the charm.

He could charm with his words with his Venus in the 3rd House of communications. Venus in Sagittarius would be capable of describing the incredible beauty of far-off places and cultures, which undoubtedly aided in fund raising. He also has Mercury conjunct the Sun in Capricorn which would indicate that he always had a structured plan in talking. This is the kind of person who keeps extensive notes for giving speeches or doing presentations. Although Mercury in Capricorn isn’t normally considered an ideal placement, we see from the rest of the chart that he overcame his difficulties in speaking.

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