Everest Institute Located in Cross Lanes, West Virginia

Therapeutic massage training can allow you to develop the skills needed to enter this in-demand career path.

Everest Institute, (previously NIT) a known West Virginia massage school is located at 5514 Big Tyler Road, in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. This recognized massage therapy school, WV’s finest, will fully prepare you to enter the workplace as a trained professional with well-balanced skills.

At Everest, you’ll learn:

medical terminology
computer basics
body systems
sport and deep tissue sculpting
therapeutic techniques
personal fitness and nutrition

And you will also learn business ethics and customer service skills to round out your career education.

Upon graduation, you’ll find many exciting workplaces open to you such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, spas, wellness centers, fitness centers, salons, cruise ships, resorts, hotels and many more. Everest even has Career Services Assistance to help you with job placement, which is another reason why you may want to learn more about this school.

The demand for trained professionals is increasing at a steady rate and is projected to grow by as much as 35% in the next few years. More and more people are seeking natural healthcare options for pain relief, recovery from illness, injury or surgery as well as for relaxation and improved mobility.

It’s simple to learn more about the training available. You can easily contact them for free, information on upcoming classes, fees, as well as learn about finaicial aid, should you qualify. Just fill out the form to receive your information packet once you visit the following link:

Simply fill out the form, once you click here > Everest Institute in Cross Lanes, Virginia

Massage Training Tip

Restroom Facilities: Your massage business will have restroom facilities, but when choosing a location it is best to select a facility that has a restroom directly adjoining the massage room rather than only one adjoining the waiting or reception area.

Should a client have an urgent need to visit the restroom while draped for massage, they will not have to fully dress in order to go to the restroom if it is directly connected to the massage room. Optimally, a restroom in the reception area and one in the massage room would be the perfect solution, but if only one is available, choose an arrangement where the massage room connects directly to the restroom.

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