Review of Beauty and Fire New Age Music CD by Tomas Michaud

The originality and smooth blend of musical flavors from the around the world in Tomas Michaud’s Beauty and Fire (Starland Music) will capture you right away.

While first impressions of Michaud may classify his creativity in the world music category, he successfully merges rhythms in a style that offers new age music enthusiasts a pleasurable listening experience.

Beauty and Fire is a perfect soundtrack for those practicing restorative techniques of yoga or massage, as well as for those seeking an album to complement intimate gatherings or romantic moments.

Beauty and Fire: Exotic and Familiar in One Album

Michaud's Beauty and Fire Album CoverBeauty and Fire, the easy listening experience offering a touch of flamenco guitar, smooth jazz style, and exotic world music flavors, can’t be classified as background music. Listeners will connect with every note, tone, and beat in this beautifully-blended instrumental album. Michaud has proven to be a master of encouraging listeners to and move while feeling heartfully soothed and happy at the same time.

Each one of the 12 tracks that make up this album will engage listeners in its rhythm. “Tribute” is an song full of a tempo that cannot be ignored, and will leave listeners moving and shaking. Fitting for a lakeside scene in which listeners can imagine watching nature come alive, “Morning Grace” offers beautiful, smooth sounds. While “Embrace in the Mist” is reminiscent of an awakening of one’s spirit, “Lotus in the Moonlight,” my favorite track of the album, is a beautiful tune with a hint of romance beneath its notes.

Diversity of Tomas Michaud

Before falling in love with the guitar at the age of 14, Tomas Michaud strengthened his love of music with the trumpet, bass, and mandolin. His love for Spanish-influenced music came after he graduated university and traveled throughout Spain and Latin America. He has carried this influence with him, as evident in his rich musical productions.

Michaud’s influences include Santana—for his musical communication skills—and the Gypsy Kings—for their ability to take listeners on romantic musical journeys.

Beauty and Fire represents a combination of both exotic places and the familiar American culture. This album serves as a soundtrack to those craving an engaging musical experience, or for those requiring musical accompanyment to their holistic healing practices.

To hear samples visit Amazon > Beauty and Fire by Tomas Michaud

Tomas Shares His Passion of Music

To hear samples visit Amazon > Beauty and Fire by Tomas Michaud

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