The Lucid Dreaming Kit: Making Sweet Dreams a Reality

Do you spend your days rushing from one project to another? Do you find yourself judging the success of your days simply by the number of tasks that you’ve managed to cross off your “To Do” list? At the end of each day, do you collapse into bed, only to end up tossing and turning while dwelling on the fact that once again you haven’t managed to do the things that you had really wanted to for the day? What would you do if someone presented you with an extra eight hours a day to do all of those things and more? Within the Lucid Dreaming Kit, Bradley Thompson explains how you can turn the one-third of your life that you spend sleeping into a “creative workshop” where all of your dreams can come true.

Thompson, who describes himself as “a prolific self development author,” provides you with numerous tools to learn how to lucidly dream…to be consciously aware while dreaming and to control such dreams to do absolutely anything that your heart and soul desires. Learn new skills, face your fears, seek out adventures, live out your fantasies…whatever you can dream, you can do. So Thompson guarantees.

However, Thompson doesn’t pretend that lucid dreaming is an easy task to master. In fact, he emphasizes that patience and practice are two major components of the actual process. According to Thompson, such practice helps you to master remembering your dreams; then and only then can you actually control your dreams.

The main CD contained in the kit provides the critical framework to make lucid dreaming a consistent feature of your daily life. Seven sections found within the “Lucid Dreaming in Seven Days” guidebook are to be read over the course of seven days; some are to be read prior to going to sleep and some are to be read upon awakening. Numerous methods, tips, exercises, summaries, and links to additional information are presented in an easily understood manner.

The main CD contains additional software. The password-protected dream log for recording dreams has a handy search feature to detect “dreamsigns,” common features of your dreams. There is a “reality prompter” to help you practice “checking in” and a lucid dreaming screensaver with hidden cues to stimulate your mind. All are geared towards improving your chances at experiencing lucid dreams.

The Lucid Dreaming Audio Stimulation CD is to be played throughout your entire sleeping cycle. I admit to having a certain amount of trepidation when I first listened to it. As someone who experienced a severe two-month episode of sleep paralysis, the last thing that I wanted to do was trigger a relapse into what was perhaps the worst “sleeping stretch” of my entire life. Prior to that horrific period, I tended to classify myself as someone who simply did not dream. As Thompson would say though, it wasn’t that I didn’t dream, it was that I didn’t remember my dreams.

My curiosity was peeked within the first few minutes of listening to the Audio Stimulation CD. I would describe the sounds that I heard as “water-like.” At first, I attributed such an interpretation to the fact that I am a “water-oriented” person; I am the co-owner of a water-garden retail center, I love to swim, and I would prefer to work from a bathtub if given the opportunity!

Further listening and deeper concentration confirmed my initial analysis. I heard dripping water…the “swishing” sounds of a sprinkler system…the rhythmic splatter of water as if I was traveling through an automated car wash…and the barely-audible background hum of a fan. However, that was just my perception. It was relaxing and haunting all at the same time.

While I have yet to experience a “lucid dream,” I attribute that to the fact that I have not practiced in a focused and consistent manner. I do believe it is possible with the tools that Thompson has incorporated into this kit. Since beginning the process, I can say that I am sleeping “deeper” and beginning to remember the dreams that I do have.

The user of the Lucid Dreaming Kit can sense the passion that Thompson feels about the subject matter. As Thompson states, he “walks the walks” and uses “lucid dreaming almost every night to boost his waking life.” With a three-month unconditional guarantee, it’s clear that Thompson is confident in both his message and his method of presentation. With no real money to lose and eight creative hours a day to gain, Thompson makes Lucid Dreaming a possibility for those who are simply willing to listen and to try.

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Update: Recently, a new eight-hour CD was released as an additional item that complements the original kit we reviewed in this article. What, you wonder, could be so new and important that you need another CD? Learn about the new Lucid Dreaming CD.

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