The Lucid Dreaming Kit: A Follow-Up Review for the New Eight-Hour CD

In the previous article we reviewed the Lucid Dreaming Kit, a product that assists in turning “the one-third of your life that you spend sleeping into a ‘creative workshop’ where all of your dreams can come true.” Since then, there has been the release of a new eight-hour CD, an additional item for purchase that is separate from the original kit. What, you wonder, could be so new and important that you need another CD?

The original Lucid Dreaming Kit contains the Audio Stimulation CD, a 72-minute recording that you play on a continuous loop cycle every night while you sleep. The CD features random reality prompts, a “messenger-style tool” that assists you in “checking in” with your current dream state, as well as auto-pan modulation and monaural beats, audio technologies that not only enhance your listening pleasure but that aid in the overall Lucid Dreaming process. If you awake during the night, you’re to restart the CD from the beginning and keep it on a loop playback.

The limiting factor with the Audio Stimulation CD is the fact that the reality prompts are potentially occurring at a time when you’re not in an actual dream state. As Bradley Thompson, the creator of the Lucid Dreaming Kit, states, “It’s not exact. But with a 72-minute CD, it’s as good as it gets.”

To eradicate this problem, Thompson created the new eight hour Lucid Dreaming CD. Research indicates that there are certain time-periods when we all slip into REM (rapid eye movement) dream cycles. By knowing these timeframes and properly positioning the reality prompts, the CD better matches the actual dreaming patterns that we experience every night. As Thompson summarizes, “…rather than randomly trying to catch your mind while in REM, we’re aligning your sleeping patterns so we can be SURE they’re in REM when we send out the audio prompts.”

How does such “alignment” occur? According to Thompson, the audio technologies of binaural beats, triangular pulse modulation, and, auto-pan modulation “alter the sounds in the recording to generate specific frequencies inside the mind, which in turn influence your state…In short, the binaural beats (and other technologies) actually synchronize your mind state with our audio prompts.” To someone like me, who really knows nothing about such technology, such “jargon” translates into the potential for being more successful at actually experiencing a lucid dream.

After listening to the new CD, I can say that the experience was “much more pleasant.” However, I don’t mean to insinuate that reviewing the original Audio Stimulation CD was an unpleasant event. I would simply describe the original CD as intriguing but not truly musical. However, the main musical score for the eight-hour CD contains twelve MP3 files of soothing ambient notes that vary in their content. It seemed easier and more relaxing, for me personally, to listen to the new eight hour CD.

While I still can’t report having a lucid dream, again I must to confess to not doing my “dream-related homework.” I really have only myself to blame at this point. I can say that, while listening to the new CD, I do have vague recollections of actually hearing the reality prompts of “Am I dreaming?” and “Do a reality check now.” I just don’t believe that I was very successful in the execution of such requests.

One important note for anyone considering purchasing the new eight-hour Lucid Dreaming CD…while you don’t need headphones to listen to the CD, you do need a device capable of playing MP3 files. The four main options include an MP3 player, an MP3 CD player (many “modern” players have this function), a DVD player, or a computer capable of handling MP3 files.

My recommendation is, if you’ve already purchased the Lucid Dreaming Kit or have decided to do so, go the extra mile and make the small investment in the new eight-hour CD. I truly believe that you will greatly enhance your chances at being “successful” in the land of sweet, lucid dreams.

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