Directed Dreaming by Evelyn Grazini

Evelyn Grazini started out straight from college trying to work her way up from low paying entry level jobs with large companies. After years of moving from company to company in the hopes that things would change, she finally went back to college to get a BA with a specialized degree after her father’s death. She believes that he pushed her toward that from the other side of the veil.

Grazini’s first point in the book doesn’t relate to directed dreaming at all, but is overall advice for anyone who has thought about making a major life change but talks themselves out of it–“do just one thing to get you started” (pp. 16) At this point I’m getting ready to close the book, when the author redeems herself by writing about believing that we all have spirit guides in the form of someone we love who has passed on. She goes on to describe how she feels they are there to help us. Now I’m hooked–finally someone who thinks like I do.

In the section on lost secrets rediscovered, Grazini writes about how we are all made up of energy–which is all we ever were, are, or will be. The rest of the book is dedicated to learning how to harness that energy and learn to recognize and use insights to become more successful in whatever that means to you (but mostly she writes about financial success).

Much of this ebook is about the power of positive thinking, that daylight or conscious thought has very little energy due to the distractions around us. Our conscious thoughts; i.e. the negativity feed we our subconscious thoughts which do not differentiate between right or wrong, good or bad, it simply carries out our subconscious demands. No wonder hypnotists can make people cluck like chickens.

It isn’t until page 32 that the author finally gets into what the book is really about–directed dreaming. This is a very interesting chapter explaining the science side of dreaming centered on REM sleep, remembering dreams, and the chemicals secreted during sound and light sleep. Very informative. The chapter gives suggestions for telling yourself exactly which problems need to be solved during dreaming and gives advice for how to remember what you’ve dreamed.

The sample dream journal may prove to be helpful for anyone who has never tried to record their dreams, and you are given the precaution of not drinking alcohol or taking sleeping pills before going to bed, sound advice which makes sense. We also learn that not every dream has meaning and that our subconscious uses dreaming to sort through events in our lives. Not all dreams provide insight; they are merely our subconscious taking out the trash.

Directed dreaming with your eyes open is a chapter dedicated to self hypnosis and meditation, giving us the chance to work through problems during the day as well as when we are sleeping. The guided imagery and memory exercises are simple and easy to understand.

Perhaps the most helpful section of the book is about thought reversal, or changing negative self talk: “…and because I told myself these things almost constantly, they seemed true to me.” Pp.15 is a very powerful and true statement, and anyone who is lacking in self esteem will do themselves a favor by concentrating on this section.

Overall, the book has excellent information, even though a little redundant at times and could have been written a little better. The fact that through PDF format and self publishing anyone can now publish their thoughts is apparent, but that doesn’t make the book invalid. If you are interested in the possibility of friends and loved ones who have passed over being influential on your daily life and problem solving, I encourage you to keep and open mind and read this book.

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By L Robyn O’Hara

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