A Self-Help eBook Review: “How To Deal With Your Anger,” by Robert Agar-Hutton

Everyone experiences anger from time to time. Some people have serious problems in dealing with angers while others are more readily able to adjust to things which make them angry. But there is no one that can honestly say they do not ever get angry.

If you find dealing with day-to-day situations are resulting in anger, or if you simply want to know some techniques to deal with this toxic energy when it occurs, this 85 page eBook may be a great resource for you.

“How to Deal With Your Anger” by Robert Agar-Hutton is written simply and directly without too much information on each page, so that it is easy to understand and digest. It breaks ways to deal with anger down into five simple concepts: logic, physiology, psychology, methods, and actions. Included is a mantra that would help anyone remain calm in any situation.

Some of the highlights of this self-help eBook include tips about how to focus on the positive rather than the negative points in life. Techniques to determine when it is appropriate to feel angry and exactly where the anger should be placed are helpful, especially for people who often misplace their anger, taking out their frustrations on spouses, friends, family, or others that are really not the cause of their anger problem. One concept, “assertive is COOL, anger is not” helps one focus on the difference between stating assertively that something is wrong as opposed to allowing oneself to enter into an unjustified or embarrassing rage.

The various causes of anger are discussed in depth. These include external and internal anger triggers, making the choice to be with rage and falling in to the habit of reacting with anger when other methods would be much more effective and suitable.

One point brought out in the book that can be very helpful for anyone with anger issues is the maintenance of a daily anger diary noting what happened, when, where, what time, how you reacted, what happened because of your reaction, and what you could have done differently to handle the situation better. By implementing the anger diary, patterns, triggers, and reinforcement of better habits occur. How to perform the daily anger diary process is clearly defined for you in the eBook.

Anger goals are another topic addressed in this eBook. By setting goals to better handle this energy, we can learn from our mistakes and achieve improvements in our interpersonal relationships.

This easy to read eBook contains all the information a basic Anger Management course would cover, but it does so in an easy to navigate and follow manner. It not only provides the information so that you can understand it, but unlike an expensive Anger Management course, you can review the information over and over again.

I recommend How To Deal With Your Anger to anyone who wants to learn to live a happier, more peaceful, productive lifestyle. Anyone who has ever been told they might have an anger problem should definitely read this fact-filled book.

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