“What if God Were the Sun,” by John Edward

John Edward once again embraces the reader’s thoughts and fears regarding death, the afterlife, and spirits in “What if God Were the Sun?”

Known internationally for his ability to communicate with the deceased and comfort those mourning the loss of a loved one, in this book John challenges our beliefs about the after life through the story of one family’s trials and tests regarding the imminent passing of the family’s oldest female member, only to find that another one of their own will be taken soon.

Especially poignant is the scene where the family is watching home movies, and John (the book is actually a narrative in the first person, the protagonist is named Tim) wonders if his mother- whom they recently found out has terminal cancer-is thinking about the family members on the tape. Will they be waiting for her when she crosses over? Will she see her beloved family again, and will she be able to check in on her loved ones who are left behind to grieve?

The true bonds of family are an important message in this book, and there is a comfort in the belief set forth in this book where we truly never really die. The book makes a more important point, however, and that would be to make sure that you let everyone whom you love know it while they are still with you. It also makes some very good points, in fiction form, about how to talk about the afterlife, death, and the loss of pets with your child. While not a book filled with reference to reincarnation stories, this book makes a good argument for life after death, and definitely a wonderful read for those going through the stages of grief.

With a wonderful first attempt at a fiction novel about after life and spirits, John Edward has done another excellent job of conveying that love and emotion transcend both life and death, and the space in between.

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