“Journey Of Souls” by Michael Newton

Read open cases from Michael Newton’s private practice involving regression through hypnosis to the space in between death and rebirth in “Journey of Souls.” If you balk when it comes to beliefs about afterlife and reincarnation, this book provides some conclusions for the open minded skeptic.

Although physical evidence of proof of reincarnation appears to be thin in this book, Newton also discusses theories regarding what happens after we die and what actually is a ghost using these case studies. Taking it a step further, the karma associated with suicides, why we as humans seem bent on hurting each other-and what happens to those who do after they cross over-is discussed along with yet another answer to the age old question of “why are we here?”

At first Journey of Souls seems to be just another book attempting to help us understand the souls journey and destiny, but here’s the difference-other reviewers have liked it so much that their reviews include such phrases as ” …finally a book that explains this phenomenon so that it makes sense…” and …”if you only purchase one book on this subject this year, make it this one…” Compelling reasons alone to check out Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, as these reviews were written by people who read a lot of metaphysical information books.

Probably the best aspect of this book is that it serves to reaffirm people who already believe in reincarnation and have memories of their own death. Probably the most important part of the book deals with the departed soul’s inability to transcend the grief of the living that have lost them, and the inability to comfort them due to this profound grief-the souls can not cross the barrier that this sadness holds over the living. Case after case interview cites parallel experiences of the soul after it leaves the body, the feeling of “Déjà vu” when meeting someone for seemingly the first time, and all written as information to be presented, rather than a pitch for belief in and sales of other new age books.

The findings of Newton’s regressive therapies are not unlike the experiences shared by people who have had near death experiences (NDE) and their beliefs about afterlife journeys.-they all report, both under hypnotic regression and in interviews with persons brought back from death by medical personnel, similar experiences, that of desperately trying to communicate with the grieving that they are not actually dead, floating sensations, and the beginning of a journey;. Much to ponder, and facinating information.

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