American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty – Margate, Florida

If attending a Florida massage therapy institute which is only minutes from the beautiful waves of the Atlantic Ocean appeals to you, then the American School of Wellness and Beauty, (formally the American Institute of Massage Therapy) may be the right place to obtain your training.

The school campus is located at 5000C Coconut Creek Parkway, Margate, FL 33063.

Unlike many massage schools, the massage training in Florida you’ll receive at American Institute School of Wellness and Beauty allows you to begin hands-on practice within the first week of classes. These sessions are supervised by well-trained, caring professionals to ensure each client’s safety as well as proper and effective technique development. The philosophy of hands-on therapy has been time-proven by preparing students for careers in massage therapy and colon therapy since 1982.

Access to the Margate is an easy communte for those seeking Pompano Beach massage classes. The South Florida massage institute serves students from surrounding areas such as Oakland Park, Tamarac, Coral Springs, Sunrise, and Lauderhill.

During breaks from studies, students will find lots of fun activities including surfing and other water sports. The Florida Keys are only a short drive away and Metro Miami offers every type of cultural even you could desire. The diversity of South Florida allows multi-cultural experiences found in few other locations. And, the many theme parks and other attractions are close by as well.

The course of study at this South Florida school of natural healing focuses on wellness and regaining or enhancing healthy. Students learn how the body, mind, emotions and spirit must align to provide an individual with a balance of internal harmony in order to function properly. Students learn how to help clients understand the benefits offers and ways in which they can become responsible for maintaining their bodies’ health.

This fine Florida school near Pompano Beach teaches natural and preventive care and self-help skills which can be taught to clients, as well as how to perform various types of massage therapy such as Asian and Thai bodywork, infant and prenatal therapies, aromatherapy, shiatsu, medical and sports massage and more. By offering flexible schedules with day or evening classes, students who thoroughly apply themselves to their studies can complete their training in a short seven months.

massage taining techniquesAfter completion of your studies and successfully completing for the National Board exam, if you choose to practice your skills locally, you’ll find South and Central Florida offers a plethora of employment opportunities. An active cruise ship industry offers employment opportunities for those who love to travel. As a popular retirement area, many senior citizens are turning to natural health care to help them feel better and move with greater flexibility and comfort. The posh resort hotels of South Florida require caring masseurs to provide services to their visitors.

Why settle for “just a job” when AIMT’s Florida massage institute can train you for one of the most satisfying careers possible. Students meetings specific criteria may qualify for financial aid or other creative financing solutions. There is a bright future waiting for you as a massage professional.

To learn more, just fill in your information and the school will respond to answer your important questions.

To obtain more information, click here > American School of Wellness and Beauty Margate – Pompano Beach, Florida.

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