Notes from the Universe: A Hug for Humankind

Let me get right to the point…as soon as you’re done reading this review, do yourself a huge favor and order the three-volume set of Mike Dooley’s “Notes from the Universe.” If that name sounds familiar, it’s because I recently reviewed “Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams,” the twelve CD set authored and narrated by Dooley. And no,…I don’t get a commission for the sales of his products. I am simply a fan who is impressed with not only his message but also his method of delivery.

Dooley is the co-founder of Totally Unique T-Shirts ® (TUT), a company that evolved into Totally Unique Thoughts ®, a “web based inspirational and philosophical Adventurers Club with [over 38,000] members from over [130] countries.” Now a motivational speaker, while still being involved in multiple other tasks associated with TUT, Dooley has been compared to Anthony Roberts and Wayne Dyer and has actually received higher praise than either of these well-known figures.

Intrigued by Dooley’s “Infinite Possibilities” message, I visited the Totally Unique Thoughts ® web site and signed up to receive the free daily Notes from the Universe that are delivered via email Monday through Friday. Within one week, I was completely hooked.

Feeling like I needed more than a daily fix of these notes, I began to search for a way to satisfy my hunger for such messages. Like a soothing whisper in my ear to help me not only rise to the day that lied in front of me but to live that day in the most glorious and positive manner possible, the notes from the universe were like a Vitamin B shot for my soul.

Dooley’s notes are short and sweet…a mere one to two pages in length. However, each word is packed with wisdom and is wrapped up in a message that offers love, praise, and encouragement. Each book in the “Notes from the Universe” series contains exactly 212 pages of these uplifting messages.

Perhaps you’re tired of the daily-dose-of-inspiration-type books. Maybe your shelf is already full of bite-size books like this. However, I can guarantee you that none of those books has the same essence as Dooley’s.

Need proof before making the commitment to invest in your happiness by purchasing your bound set of notes? You be the judge of the quality of these samples.

“Ever wonder how many angels you have?
All of them.
They insisted.”

Those were all taken care of eons ago!
You don’t have any more dues to pay!
I know, I know, you don’t believe it.
OK, Plan B.
You do have dues to pay.
You must slave and scrimp, wriggle and pimp, work overtime,
pound the pavement, sacrifice, barter, and be selfless.
Endure the stupidity of others,
work a job you don’t love,
and unlearn a lifetime of bogus teachings.
Are these the dues you believe in?
Well then, haven’t you paid these too, ten times over?”

What would it take,
what would have to happen in your life these days,
for you to allow yourself to really kick back, relax, and just enjoy?
Whatever it is,
you will achieve it, acquire it, or experience it so much faster,
if you first, kick back, relax, and just enjoy.
Simple enough?”

Maybe it’s me. Perhaps I’m easily persuaded by the notion that the universe is always conspiring to make my every dream a reality. Call me naïve, but I simply choose to conspire right alongside the universe. If everything that I desire is within reach, who am I to not extend my hand to the universe that is extending its hand to me?

If you’re still not convinced, hop on over to the TUT website and sign up for your free email notes. I’m willing to bet that, just like me, within no time at all, you’ll be craving more. With Mike Dooley’s “Notes from the Universe,” whether one book or all three, a hug from the universe is a mere turn-of-the-page away.

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Donna McLaughlin Schwender is the “soul proprietor” of One-Eared Dog, Ink. As a freelance writer living in upstate New York, she can be reached at

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