A Simple Quiz for Self Esteem

When we lack self esteem life’s challenges can seem daunting and igniting motivation for even the simplest tasks can seem scary and impossible. If you feel you are missing many of life’s opportunities and tend to forgo taking risks, you might want to take this simple quiz for self esteem.

By taking this simple self esteem test you will learn about yourself and where you may feel powerless. We can lack esteem for many reasons. Sometimes it may have to do with our emotional health, other times it can be our general physical health may need some nutritional support. Other times, we may be lacking confidence due to prior difficult experiences.

Sit down with pen and paper and answer the following questions. When you come to one that you feel your answer is yes, spend some time documenting evidence that leads you to answer with a yes; When you answer no, do the same. By taking this simple self-esteem test, it will help you become more self-aware. The next step will be finding support to help you gain more energy and confidence wherever your esteem may be low.

  • Are you shy?
  • Are you unable to say NO?
  • Do you find it difficult to carry on a conversation?
  • Are you too much afraid of ending a destructive relationship?
  • Are you afraid of loosing your job or career?
  • Do you agree upon each and every situation given?
  • Do you stick to your usual honesty when the situation goes out of hand?
  • Do you compromise your values and beliefs to be liked?
  • Do you feel you have little to offer in social context?
  • Are you afraid of being denied whenever you ask for something?
  • Do you often feel that the successful people are smarter and better than you?
  • Do you often feel that if things can go wrong they will?
  • Do you consider yourself under paid?
  • Do you consider yourself overworked?
  • Do you often question yourself even after a resolution is made?
  • Are you able to make decisions on your own?
  • Do you feel low on personal energy resources?
  • Do you feel fatigued?
  • Do you often feel sick?
  • Are you doing your stuff just because others expect you to do it?
  • Can you defend your position?
  • Do you need to do so?
  • Do you feel there is anger raging inside?

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