Mending Relationships – Unconditional Love is Mine

Mending relationships can be very challenging after an emotional breakup. One of the most questioned I receive most often is about relationships, is “How do I make him/her love me?” If we look at this question objectively, there’s an underlying belief here, and that is, “I’m not loved”. In metaphysics we know that this simply isn’t true. A primary assumption in metaphysics is that total, unconditional love exists, and that each one of us has the right to receive it.

A second message which is communicated in the original question is that one can somehow force or persuade another to love them. This is actually symptomatic of the first issue, a belief that one isn’t loved already. In this situation we may fixate on someone who fulfills a belief for us that we’re unlovable. We may then be realizing a deep seated belief that doesn’t need to be.

So the first place to begin to get help with mending a relationship is to begin examining your deep seated beliefs. So, what has to happen in order for us to receive the love that all of us need and want? We have to get in touch with the essential lovability of our own being. The best way that I know of to accomplish this is to allow ourselves to receive the love which we’re all entitled to, that of a Higher Power. When we’re in the throes of unrequited love, this can seem grossly irrelevant. However, it’s exactly at that time when we most need it. Unrequited love by definition says that we cannot be loved in return. This is destructive to our self-image and can raise serious doubts about how worthy we are as a person. Letting a pure, unconditional love permeate our being can erase many of these self-doubts. This makes us more attractive, interesting and powerful.

What usually occurs when we begin getting in touch with our own lovability is that the previous object of our affection becomes far less attractive to us. In my opinion, this is because once we begin to understand our value we no longer are attracted to someone who undervalues us.

Try allowing yourself to experience a love that thinks you’re absolutely fantastic. How do you mend a broken heart? Mend your relationship with yourself first. Whatever your understanding is of a Higher Power, let yourself enjoy a relationship with your higher nature that is loving and supportive of you. Allow yourself to experience what it’s like to be completely cared for and adored. Your perspective on love may change and it may be easier mending relationships.

Famous Quotes:

“I would rather fail in a cause that will ultimately succeed than succeed in a cause that will ultimately fail.”

–Woodrow T. Wilson

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