Your Free Past Life Reading for Libra

Your Astrology sun sign can help you discover past lives effects and how they may present opportunity and challenges in this life. You don’t need to take a past life quiz or test to learn some basic information about yourself. Jeri Noble has provided a free past life reading for each of the signs.

Free Past Life Reading for Libra

Then: You come from past experience where your mistakes made a deep impression on you. This sometimes makes it difficult to be decisive for fear of the consequences of being in error. You also have worked very hard, and in certain areas of life, you’re just tired.

Now: The lesson of personal integrity is one which will be difficult to avoid. Although Librans need harmony and peace in their lives, they will pay heavily in the long run if they compromise themselves. Librans sometimes resent the efforts they must make to “get along” in the world, however the Libran’s gift is that they are capable of finding the way which will leave their integrity unharmed.

Future: As you learn and grow, you will find it more and more necessary to look deeper than surface appearances. This may seem tedious now, but it will become quite natural to you. Decisions will come easier as you find that in comparing alternatives there are basic truths you can rely on.

Summary of Your Past Life Test: This life test offers an opportunity to follow you values and morals without compromising them to fulfill another’s wishes at your expense. Your test is to take care of yourself without enabling or being enabled by others.

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