“Speaking of Everything” by Ken Wilber

By Kirk VandenBerghe

Have you thought about wholeness lately? It seems like libraries are filled with books on an infinitely wide variety of subjects. Rare is the author who can unify multiple fields while adding his or her own contributions. Ken Wilber is such a person. As one of the most widely published philosophers of our time, Ken’s contributions to integral thinking are enormous. “Speaking of Everything” is a new Audio 2-CD interview about his work.

Frankly, I’ve always been both intrigued and overwhelmed by his work. I’ve read glowing reviews in journals and have leafed through a few of his many titles. As I dropped down into the content, I could feel an incredible depth of understanding, heart, and ability to include and synthesize concepts from a wide array of disciplines. Nonetheless, I kept putting off diving into his work since it seemed like so much…work!

When Jeramy Hale of enlightenment.com contacted me to review the first live interview with Ken Wilber ever to be released, I jumped at the opportunity. Listening to the double CD album was not a disappointment. Jordan Gruber, founder of enlightenment.com, does a superb job of covering substantial ground, including drawing out Ken’s views on consciousness, spirituality, psychology, philosophy, science, education, and much more. The CD set comes with a Glossary of Terms, which I found helpful since the interview included a number of terms that were new to me.

With the information explosion and resulting complexity of our times, we need brilliant thinkers like Ken to help us find the most essential and useful concepts, skills, and techniques. Transforming society, our environment, and our own daily living requires nothing less.

Are you interested in expanding your reality by listening to a world-class thinker and visionary? If so, you’re certain to enjoy “Speaking of Everything.”

To learn more about this unique Audio 2-CD set, please click > “Speaking of Everything” by Ken Wilber

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