David Hoffman’s Calmness of Spirit: An Album Offering Sounds of Healing

The sounds of Calmness of Spirit (Lakefront Productions) engages listeners’ deep thoughts and emotions as they transcend into a world of calmness and peace.

Musicians David Hoffman and Paul Adams worked musical wonders with this album, one that prominently features the exotic sounds of nature infused with the romantic jazz music and new age sounds both musicians are known for.

Both Hoffman and Adams believe music is a powerful transformative tool, and this is evident on Calmness of Spirit. This album is the perfect complement to any meditation session or other holistic healing practice.

The Relaxing Sounds of the Ambient Calmness of Spirit

I have not heard an album quite like this. Calmness of Spirit is entirely enchanting and wholly serene, offering listeners a valuable escape from whatever hectic day life cast upon them. This jazz album infused with worldly new age sounds and the backdrop of Mother Nature is stunning, and offers a great soundtrack for therapeutic purposes.

The naturalistic recordings of frogs—yes, frogs—beautifully accompanies the spiritual melodies of the flute in “The Singing Frogs of Guadeloupe.” “Pastures A Plenty” showcases Hoffman’s astounding skills with the trumpet, and “The Purity of Rain” is a beautiful combination of the trumpet and piano intermixed with one of Mother Nature’s most renowned sounds: rainfall. Perhaps the most alluring track on the album is “Julie’s Dream,” where the breathtaking sounds of the piano are infused with nature’s rhythmic melodies.

David Hoffman and Paul Adams: Accomplished Musicians Sharing Their Gifts

David Hoffman is a former trumpet player and composer for the Ray Charles Orchestra, an opportunity that allowed him extensive travel all over the world. Hoffman has played with both the Moscow Symphony Orchestra and the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, and has been featured on many television shows, including The Tonight Show and the television special Ray Charles: 50 Years of Music.

Hoffman has shared his musical talents with audiences all over the world, being featured in many global jazz festivals. With an extensive and accomplished musical career, Hoffman currently teaches trumpet, jazz piano, and improvisation at Know College in Galesburg, Illinois.

Paul Adams is an equally esteemed musician who strives to offer his audiences a musical variety in order to engage their creative processes and transformative thoughts. Adams is an inspirational musician, as an accident resulted in major injury to his fingers. Fortunately, his fingers were rebuilt using leg grafts. Says Adams:

Limitation has a way of propelling one beyond preconceived barriers.

Indeed, listeners will find themselves transcending many types of barriers when listening to the therapeutic and enchanting melodies featured on Calmness of Spirit.

To hear samples, click > David Hoffman Calmness of Spirit CD

Listen to The Singing Frogs of Guadaloupe

To hear samples, click > David Hoffman Calmness of Spirit CD

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