Dragonfly by Timothy Crane, an Album of Instrumental Piano with Orchestra

Timothy Crane had a hand in writing and arranging his newest CD, Dragonfly, an instrumental piano album.

This latest CD is a fine complement to Crane’s first release, The Other Life I Dream.

All pieces are piano-driven and although produced on an independent musician’s budget, the reflective quality is quite lovely.

Listener’s Review of Dragonfly by Timothy Crane

If you imagine a dragonfly magically flitting and floating from flower to leaf to lily pad to wherever it’s led, then this image is a perfect accompaniment to this harmonizing CD by Timothy Crane, entitled Dragonfly and released by Bear Creek Recordings.

The Musician Timothy CraneWith calming sounds from both the piano and instrumentals, Crane has created peaceful, dreamy, and uplifting musical compositions that every listener will enjoy. The sounds on this CD seem to float through the room or car, bringing with it a feeling of calm, ease, and contentment. And what else could be better than pure contentment?

Eleven Magical Tracks of Serenity on Dragonfly

With eleven escaping tracks, this CD takes the listener on a magical journey where you feel you’ve been transported to the world of a dragonfly or butterfly, simply flitting through life with not a care in the world, full of wonder and awe at the remarkable world we live in today.

Escape from your day or your week with this serene musical journey into a world free of stress and full of still. Enjoy track number four, “Star Cross Moon,” and you’ll feel like you’re sitting under a majestic sky full of stars and a perfect moon to light the night.

Let your ears be caressed by the next track, “A Child’s Goodnight,” and feel the splendor of childhood and the ease it brings. Then finish the CD off with the title track song number eleven, “Dragonfly.” This perfectly harmonized, melodic track that seems to bring on an amazing state of slumber even as you are wide awake is the last track on this second CD by Timothy Crane. His first endeavor was The Other Life I Dream, released just a few years ago.

Crane’s Rich Piano History

Album Cover for DragonflyCrane began playing the piano at the age of five and continues to enjoy and thrive with the piano today.

A resident of Colorado, Crane’s second CD, like his first, was produced on a shoestring budget with fellow musicians who would rather continue to play and produce awe-inspiring music than make tons of money (although maybe they wouldn’t mind being able to do both.)

This is a tranquil, uplifting CD that fills whatever space in your life you choose to listen to it in melodic, almost mystical peace. Dragonfly is well worth the purchase.

To listen, visit Amazon >Dragonfly by Timothy Crane

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