Healing Music—Solo Piano CD: Within Memory by Craig Urquhart

When Craig Urquhart put together this compilation of solo piano songs he was not kidding when he said the piano could reach into and speak to your heart.

Within Memory is a perfect title for this rich and thoughtful piano CD. You will feel yourself enter a state that stirs within cherished memories and reflections of one’s spiritual connection to the earth.

There is a healing power in music, and Craig Urquhart knows how to connect you to that power.

Review of Within Memory Piano CD by Craig Urquhart

Craig Urquhart

Craig Urquhart is no stranger to creating soulful, inspirational, touching music on the piano, and Within Memory his seventh CD, does not disappoint. This soulful, awe-inspiring musical trip down memory lane with Urquhart takes the listener to places within the self for quiet, meditative reflection.

Or if you want to listen with others, Within Memory creates the perfect backdrop for spending quiet time with the ones you love creating your own memories. This ten track CD takes the listener to familiar places of the body and heart.

Each Track is a Reflection of Memories

The first track, “In the Afternoon,” gives listeners a chance to recount sweet times spent sipping tea with beloved friends Track number six, “October Bright Blue,” is a musical recall of those incredible autumn days in the Northeast when the deep blue of the clear skies perfectly complements the golden, red, and yellow hues of the changing seasons. Each track takes the listener on a different journey to memories most of us share.

Listen Closely: Inspired by the Greats

In Urquhart’s own description, Within Memory, shows his inspiration from musical greats Satie and Gershwin. In his transition from more of an academic classical pianist to a more personalized musical style this talented pianist draws upon styles from musical greats such as Chopin, Debussy, Copland, and more. He interestingly credits rock and pop musicians with inspiring creativity in him as well.

Music for Memory Making and Reflecting

Within Memory CD CoverThis is powerful music for relaxation as well as restorative healing. Urquhart himself is a believer in the healing power of music. It is also perfect for those quiet times spent with loved ones, friends, and relatives.

With his love of music blossoming at the tender age of six in Michigan, Urquhart went on to receive his Masters degree in Composition from the University of Michigan. He then moved to New York where he took a chance and left some of his music with Leonard Bernstein’s doorman. Bernstein listened and the two became friends with Urquhart working as Bernstein’s musical assistant from 1985 until Bernstein’s death in 1990.

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