New Age Music Artist CD: A Traveler’s Guide to Mars by Ian Tescee

Inspired by Carl Sagan, Ray Bradbury, Mars scientific specialist William K. Hartmann the music on this CD also was the soundtrack for a Mars planetarium show, this CD offers beautifully-melodic music.

Mostly showcasing electronic synthesizer sounds, the album also features Ian Tescee (pronounced like t-c) on guitars and drums (he even sings briefly on one tune).

Now that we have spaceships landing on Mars regularly and rovers motoring around, taking photos and digging in the soil, the dream of earthlings visiting our nearest neighboring planet is getting closer all the time.

So get ready for the pending journey by listening to this music!

A Traveler’s Guide to Mars Review

A Traveler’s Guide to Mars, created by Ian Tescee, was recently released under the musician’s own label. Music from this album was incorporated into the Buhl Planetarium production inspired by the book written by W. K. Hartmann. It is really amazing space music.

“The music of Ian Tescee is a synthesis of the real and the imagined, bringing together electronic and acoustic textures (with a dash of quantum physics and poetry in the mix),” as stated on his website.

Driving Along in My Automobile

From the very first time you see A Traveler’s Guide to Mars, you begin to form a bond with the album.

The cover depicts a vehicle, clearly a car with dashboard and steering wheel with Mars approaching in the windshield. The dashboard GPS unit even shows the way to Mars.

The cover art is really whimsical and delightful as well as uniquely creative. As you fold out the cover, you find inside Tescee’s story including his dreams of traveling to Mars. The centerfold art depicts a red Martian landscape with Tescee interposed into the landscape leaning on a stack of red rocks.

Album Cuts

The cuts on the album range from strident tones full of energy to ethereal cuts which are pleasing and serene.

Included in the cut Time To Go Back is a countdown and launch sounds from Endeavor’s STS-89 Space Shuttle Mission Launch, really adding a touch of reality and believability to the tonal story provided by the album.

My personal favorite cut on A Traveler’s Guide to Mars by Ian Tescee is the final cut: Billions and Billions of Stars. It has a calming sense of space flight where one is weightless and truly viewing the billions of stars unseen from our dense atmosphere even on the darkest night.

Spacey In a Good Way

I found this new age music album to be entertaining and memorable, and one that I will listen to often over time. Anyone with an interest in electronic alternative music will enjoy this work by Tescee.

A Traveler's Guide to Mars CD CoverWith all the interest in planetary alignments, first contact, life on other planets, this CD would make a fabulous gift for any space fans you have on your gift list.

It makes great background music for a party since it moves from rapid beats to slower paces as the themes of the cuts change from self-explanatory titles such as God of War to Space Tourist Mars, to Life on Mars and Billions of Stars.

Few will fail to thoroughly enjoy A Traveler’s Guide to Mars for its unique theme and sounds.

Ian Tescee has created a truly unique work that is worthy of owning and giving to friends who enjoy electronic new age music.

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  1. Tina B. says:

    What a wonderful review of a really great album. If you like “mars” you will love Ian’s album Io, pronounced like the letters I O.

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