Acoustic Ocean: Relaxing Meditation and Massage Music

Acoustic Ocean has produced a soothing and healing sound experience with their CD Light Returning and Reflections on Still Water CDs.

Longtime musicians Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan are behind a healing protocol called SoundBodyMind, which combines hands on healing, vocal sounding, and hypnotherapy.

Their experience carries into their new Acoustic Sound releases which can be enjoyed as background music, or played during healing practices like meditation, yoga, or as massage music.

Light Returning offers eight original compositions which are a blend of soothing instruments and occasionally wordless vocalizing. Reflections on Still Water is their newest release and in August of 2010 entered the ZMR Top 100 Chart at #4 and in September moved to #3.

Review of Reflections on Still Water by Acoustic Ocean

Reflections on Still Water is the second release from the multi-instrumentalists of Acoustic Ocean, Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan. This follow up to Light Returning is full of peace, harmony, and the exquisite yet rare mix of Celtic and Hawaiian sounds.

Although the blend of these two sounds at first seems to not really be a ‘fit’ one listen and you’ll know that Morgan and Phelan have cleverly crafted these differing styles into one that indeed is a musical match made in the heavens.

Celtic and Hawaiian: Perfect Together

The first track “Night Flight” is just over four minutes long and features the Celtic harp, guitar, cedar flute and the fretless bass. This opening track takes the listener on a quiet, serene journey into the mystical, magical world of the Hawaiian Islands.

It seems that Morgan and Phelan, two former residents of the East Coast, have transplanted effortlessly to Hawaii. The marriage of their Celtic rhythms to the traditional Hawaiian sounds works beautifully. Each track reflects the deep sense of peace one finds after staying a week or so on the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

On the second track of this CD, “Moon Over Mauna Kea,” the sound again is calm and serene but this time the accompaniment is the deep sounds of the cello. This makes for another peaceful and light tune that takes the listener to places of deep peace and ultimate relaxation.

Journey to a Space of Beauty

This entire CD transforms the space in which you listen to one of peace and serenity – as I said you feel that deep awe and peace you get only after a bit of time on vacation in the tropics.

This second release from the talented duo of Morgan and Phelan, Reflections on Still Water, debuted on the Zone Music Reporter’s number four spot and reached number three by September – just three months after its July release.

These two have sharpened and perfected not just their musical skills but their ability to work together. After twenty years of playing together that’s not a surprise.  Both are counselors and therapists. Together they’ve founded Tropical Tune-ups; yoga and wellness retreats in beautiful Hawaii using sound healing.

To listen visit Amazon > Reflections on Still Water

Recent Review of Light Returning by Acoustic Ocean

Take a journey to worlds away with Light Returning by Acoustic Ocean. Light Returning takes the listener to a land of light, love, and peace. Get swept away on the gentle ocean waves with light, melodic, and harmonious sounds that are sure to wipe away tension and stress from even the busiest day.

In fact, this CD was designed to do just that, take you on a journey to vibrant health of both body and mind. Acoustic Ocean is composed of Peggy Morgan and Bette Phelan who not only boast enviable musical talent but also are yoga instructors and therapists. Together they’ve developed a unique type of therapy known as SoundBodyMind.

SoundBodyMind combines hands on healing with hypnotherapy and vocal sounding. The musical compositions found on Light Returning are not only beautiful to listen to but also support relaxation, meditation, sleep, healing, massage, yoga, and exercise. There’s no end to how you can enjoy Light Returning.

As Acoustic Ocean’s Bette Phelan explains,

We made Light Returning to help people access those parts of themselves that are in need of healing, and to bring about a greater sense of balance and harmony in their lives, often facilitating an emotional release.

Guitar and Celtic Harp Blended Melodiously

The hour long music CD features acoustic and instrumental songs, sometimes with wordless vocalizing.

The main instruments used on this peaceful, harmony inducing CD are Celtic harp, guitars, hammered dulcimers, mountain dulcimers, piano, bass, mandolin, cello, sax, flute and a few others.

Part of the beauty of Light Returning is its cleverly crafted blend of these above listed instruments with sounds of nature. Particularly noticeable, yet subtle are ocean sounds and bird chirpings.

This CD focus is to bring balance into the lives of the listeners. No matter how stressful your life is it’s essential to take the time to rest and repair the body, mind, and soul. Today this “recovery’” phase is an often forgotten part of life.

Let Light Returning Relax All of You

As you listen to this CD, your mind drifts away, and your body soon follows suit. You’ll find your shoulders dropping down a bit, your brow relaxing, and your breathing beginning to slow and pick up a steadier, more relaxed rhythm, like an unspoken mantra of peace.

Morgan and Phelan have been musicians for some time now. With roots firmly planted in folk music, they toured the United States as Morgan and Phelan for twenty years.
They performed their singer-songwriter music at festivals, concert series, folk clubs, colleges, and schools. They developed their music into special programs that combined traditional American music with American history leading them to perform at schools, workshops for with children, family concerts, and museums. A Festival of Song is their recording for children based on these songs.

Their songs have been recognized with awards from both The Great American Song Contest and John Lennon Song Contest.

If you’re looking for a CD that is gentle, flowing, and takes the body, mind, and soul to a tranquil, peaceful state Light Returning will deliver that and much more.

To listen, visit Amazon > Acoustic Ocean Light Returning


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