Ingham Method of Reflexology Outlined in Bestselling Book by Dwight C. Byers

Reflexology is a safe and effective method of restoring balance in the body. By easing stress and promoting relaxation, the body engages its natural healing process.

The Ingham Method of reflexology was developed by the “mother of reflexology,” Eunice Ingham, and is based on the energy zones of the feet and the rest of the body.

Ingham’s nephew Dwight C. Byers continues to promote her pioneering work in the field of reflexology, as with the book Better Health with Foot Reflexology. This manual is essential for reflexology students wanting to strengthen their education.

Why Reflexology?

Many people of all ages and with varying conditions seek reflexology treatments as an effective and entirely natural approach to health and wellness. Its non-invasive application offers many benefits, including:

  • increased relaxation, energy, and emotional states
  • decreased pain, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia
  • post surgery healing
  • regeneration of the body

Hand ReflexologyThe pressure to specific energy points of the foot, hands, or ears stimulates various nerves throughout the body which induces relaxation. This release of stress allows organs to work optimally, increase the body’s blood supply, improve circulation, and has a dramatic improvement on the respiratory, endocrine, immune, and neuropeptide systems.

Reflexologist Dwight Byers

Reflexologist Dwight C. Byers has over six decades of practical experience in reflexology from all areas of the globe, making him one of the most experienced reflexologists in the world today. Learning first-hand from his aunt, the esteemed Eunice Ingham, Byers’ has a wealth of knowledge of the anatomical systems and energy zones throughout the body.

As president of the International Institute of Reflexology (an educational facility founded by Ingham), Byers is also author of Anatomy and Reflexology Helper Areas Study Guide. Fortunately for reflexology students and therapists seeking a deeper understanding of the science of reflexology, Byers shares more of his knowledge in a book centered on Eunice Ingham’s approach to reflexology.

Must-Have Reflexology Guide

Byers’ Better Health with Foot Reflexology (Ingham Publishing INC) is an essential training guide for those interested in the Ingham Method of foot reflexology. Featuring color illustrations, the book describes treatments that are easily self-administered or practiced by therapists on clients.

This bestseller in the alternative health care industry offers great detail on:

  • the functions of the body and how reflexology affects the organs;
  • the anatomical system;
  • the hands and feet using informative and easy-to-follow charts; and
  • the step-by-step processes in applying specific reflexology treatments.

Cover of Better Health with Foot ReflexologyBetter Health with Foot Reflexology is a valuable complement to the classic reflexology book by Eunice Igham, Original Works of Eunice D. Ingham: Stories the Feet Can Tell Through Reflexology/Stories the Feet Have Told Through Reflexology (Ingham Publishing INC).

Better Health with Foot Reflexology is a practical guide that is well-received by both students of reflexology who are discovering the pioneering revelations of the Ingham Method, and seasoned practitioners who continually seek ways to offer clients greater health and vitality.

To learn more, click > Better Health with Foot Reflexology by Dwight C. Byers

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  1. Ahmad Khan says:

    Thanks for providing this information.There is evidence of healing work on the hand, ears and feet throughout ancient cultures around the globe. A 5,000 year old tomb Egyptian physician’s tomb contains a 6 panel series of medical procedures including: childbirth, embalming, circumcision, pharmacology, dentistry and work on the hands, feet and arm pit. The pictograph shows the feet, hands and armpits being touched and has an inscription that reads, “Don’t hurt me” and “I shall do as you so praise me”. I am from dharamreflexology.

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