Sound Healing 3rd Eye Rising CD: Didgeridoos, Meditation & Massage Music

Paradiso and Rasamayi’s 3rd Eye Rising: A Journey Through Ascending Realms (5th Element Music) is a hypnotic and powerful new age music album designed to complement meditation, yoga, and other holistic healing sessions.

Featuring didjeridoo, keyboard, chanting, and crystal singing bowls, 3rd Eye Rising is an exotic listening experience that will captivate every sense.

For anyone looking for an appropriate soundtrack for their transcending journeys, 3rd Eye Rising is the album to turn to.

Sound Healers Paradiso and Rasamayi

Paradiso is a renowned sound healer, musician, and didjeridoo artist. As the owner of the 5th Element Music label, Paradiso’s previous albums include Healing Vibes, Shaman’s Trance, Middle Path, and Hymalayan Chakra Healing.

Rasamayi is also a sound healing artist trained in the Vedic, Shamanic, and Himalyan traditions.

Together, these two artists exhibit sound healing that reflects both masculine and feminine energies.

3rd Eye Rising Designed to Unlock Gifts

3rd Eye Rising Music CD CoverEach of the tracks featured on this powerful album represent a spiritual “gift” designed to be unlocked by the listener. “Love” starts off soothing and hypnotic, leaving listeners feeling a sense of tranquility and being transported to a place of relaxation.

A crackling fire starts off “Power,” a natural-feeling track layered with the haunting sounds of the didjeridoo, chanting, and thunderstorms.

“Flow” is a captivating song that gives a hint of evoking visual images to complement the didjeridoos, chimes, and other nature-inspired sounds.

Other “gifts” to be unlocked on the album include: bliss, gratitude, invocation, abundance, transformation, guidance, wisdom, and purpose. This album is truly one for transformative experiences.

A Unique New Age Album to Engage Energy Healing

Paradiso and Rasamayi’s 3rd Eye Rising is a unique and powerful album. For anyone looking for a soundtrack to complement their meditation practice, this album is well-suited. It’s also a great complement to other alternative healing traditions, including yoga, reiki, reflexology, and aromatherapy sessions.

To listen to samples visit Amazon > 3rd Eye Rising CD

Music Video of Paradiso & Rasamayi Performing Gratitude

To listen to samples visit Amazon > 3rd Eye Rising CD

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