Intriguing New Age Album: Surrender by Jeff Oster

Horn player Jeff Oster has a new album available: Surrender (Retso Records) features a jazz and electronica inspired soundscape for listeners.

Decades in the music scene coupled with his innovative approaches to sharing the trumpet’s sounds with his fans has resulted in this captivating album.

Listeners of new age music will find Surrender an ambient soundtrack with inspiring moments of meditative reflection and the joy of being in the present moment.

Classical and Jazz Influences

Surrender by Jeff OsterOster started playing the trumpet at just eight years old. For the next several years he studied both jazz and classical music. Oster relocated to Los Angeles in the late 1970s with the goal of pursuing music as a full-time career. Since then, he has become well-known for his captivating live performances.

In 2005 Oster’s first album Released came out, followed by True in 2007. Both of these albums were produced with Grammy winner Will Ackerman. Oster’s music has earned recognition as Album of the Year by global broadcasters, and Best New Song at the Independent Music Awards in both 2006 and 2008.

Oster’s Creative New Album

Surrender is Oster’s third album. It features an intriguing mix of jazz, electronica, and new age style music that captivates listeners right away. Oster plays both the trumpet and the fugelhorn in this album, and throughout we can pick up the sound of his synthesizer and vocal skills as well.

The opening track, “All That Matters,” is one of my favorites. With seductive jazz undertones, Oster reminds us “all that matters is right now.” Title track “Surrender” is a hypnotic and somewhat mysterious blend of the synthesizer, horn, and the powerful voice of Diane Arkenstone. A mellow electronica sound is featured in “Beautiful Silence,” a song that invokes meditative states. This meditative quality is also discovered in “53 Mirrors,” a track, in my opinion, with the best soothing and relaxing sounds on the album.

Surrender is an album that should be added to every music lover’s collection. With an almost experimental sound to it, this album’s mysterious blend of jazz and electronica definitely pays off.

To hear songs, please click > Surrender by Jeff Oster

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