Eckhart Tolle’s Creating a New Earth Awakens Consciousness

Eckhart Tolle is one of the most renowned spiritual teachers today. His words have helped thousands of people rediscover joy in their lives and achieve a greater appreciation for spirituality.

Creating a New Earth: Teachings to Awaken Consciousness—The Best of Eckhart Tolle TV (Sounds True) is an in-depth program highlighting Tolle’s most valuable spiritual wisdom through a variety of different sessions.

This program can help people find personal happiness, inner peace, higher states of consciousness, and evolve into a more fulfilling state of living.

Renowned Spiritual Teach Eckhart Tolle

Author Eckhart TolleAn author who is dedicated to teaching on a variety of spiritual topics, Eckhart Tolle’s spiritual teaching path developed after Tolle himself experienced an inner journey in which his perspectives on life and consciousness were transformed and deepened. Tolle’s writings include the bestsellers A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose (Penguin) and The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment (New World Library).

Through his wisdom, Tolle helps people to discover fulfillment instead of despair and peace instead of anxiety. By developing a transformed understanding of consciousness and evolving into the power of presence, Tolle believes everyone can achieve happiness and as a society achieve peace.

Creating a New Earth

Tolle’s program Creating a New Earth—available as a CD or DVD set—is a collection of his teachings on how to remain present amid the challenges of modern day living, such as dealing with relationships or money worries. The sessions featured in this program offer guidance on overcoming obstacles and engaging in spiritual awakening.

There are a variety of topics covered in the sessions. For instance, Tolle discusses how to see past negative financial outlooks of the current economy and tips of seeking opportunities that seem to be “hidden” from us. Segments also cover how to view life from not just a mental or ego position, but a spiritual perspective as well. Tolle discusses the liberation that can be felt when living in the present moment, and how an appreciation of nature and its rhythms can help us achieve this freedom. Creating a New Earth also includes discussion on meditation and how this simple practice can help bring harmony and peace to the moment.

Tolle’s guidance also delves into the topic of relationships, and this session features his teaching partner Kim Eng. To complete this valuable program, Tolle analyzes the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, whose work Tolle believes to be deep and truthful and rarely covered elsewhere.

Awaken to New Wisdom

Eckhart Tolle's Creating a New EarthTolle believes we each have an inherent wisdom that when coupled with the rhythm of nature can change the future and bring our lives into its authentic alignment. The Creating a New Earth program provides infinite wisdom into spiritual enlightenment and personal transformation. Anyone seeking to engage a higher consciousness and achieve greater fulfillment will appreciate Tolle’s guidance and timeless teachings.

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A Guided Meditation on Shifting Consciousness

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