Vedic Mantras and Chants: Meditation Music CD – Akhand

Vedic music hails from Southern India and can be traced back thousands of years to its roots. The harmonizing vibrations and frequencies are intended to reflect nature and are used in healing and meditation. “Akhand” is a collection of inspirational tracks which embrace the nature of traditional Indian music. This CD is released by Kosmic Music Inc. and provides instant peace and tranquility for meditation or simple relaxation.

Far from being the expected collection of chants, this CD provided many pleasant surprises. From the respectful Namaste – an Indian greeting – with a faintly Celtic feel about it to the energetic and percussive Rudra, there is truly a range of music for all moods. Instrumental sitar tracks are balanced out with male and female solo voices or close-harmonized choruses. The closing track “Prannath” has a familiarity to it. Listen closely for strains of “I’d like to teach the world to sing”. This is not surprising as much western music has been heavily inspired by these ancient rhythms.

I approached Akhand with a degree of skepticism. Knowing that sitar music can be an ideal background for meditation, I was prepared for “wallpaper” music. What I did not expect was such a breadth of interpretations within this genre. My only regret is that some of the tracks are surprisingly short.

Whatever your interest in this style of Indian music; whether it be for contemplation or relaxation or if you would like an introduction to Vedic Indian music, Akhand is a splendid collection from various artists artistically compiled to get you started enjoying the nature of Vedic music. Kosmic Music Inc. have drawn together a talented group of musicians to provide us all with an inspirational disk.

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