One Day In a Life CD by Bill Wren

New age music at its best is reflected in One Day In a Life, with all songs written by Bill Wren representing his newest release.

Each melody brings you to a place to pause and reminisce in life’s pleasures, whether it be getting reacquainted with an old friend, or a secret rendezvous to a distant land.

This album is a beautiful new age production suited for easy listening, relaxation, as well as meditation or massage music.

You will feel soothed and embraced. Read what one reviewer had to say about the arrangement and flow of One Day in a Life (CDBY) new age music CD.

Wren Discovers His Passion for Music

Musician Bill WrenBill Wren is one of those musicians with the ability to soothe the body, mind, and soul with his musical endeavors.

His talent is one that began at a young age in Texas and continues to grow every day. Wren recounts his first memorable encounter with music. This was the day his grandparents took him to see a college football game in Corpus Christi, Texas. Neither the roaring crowd nor the faster-than-light running backs grabbed Wren’s attention but what did was the marching band—up close and personal.

Wren says from that moment on, the muses took over his body, mind, and soul in the pursuit of music. And what a journey it has been; from rock and roll bands through much of his young life, to now what has emerged as a exquisitely talented songwriter, Wren has transcended quite spaces to captivate the attention of music lovers worldwide.

This award winning musician’s first CD release entitled, One Day in the Life, is receiving acclaim the world round. Wren’s unique ability to blend a number of genres into one harmonious, Zen-like sound that pervades any space with a tranquil, positive feeling is a true gift to all able to hear his music.

Positive and Upbeat

Wren’s personal focus in the music he creates and plays is to bring a positive, upbeat vibe into the lives of the listeners. In Wren’s own words he explains,

I want to create music that moves the human heart in a positive direction.

And that he does magically. Influenced by The Beatles and Moody Blues to name a few, Wren combines orchestra, rock, Jazz, and Blues to create a smooth, flowing sound that soothes the listeners heart and soul.

Album Cover for One Day in a LifeTrack three, “En Mai” perfectly blends the cello with keyboard, percussion, and guitar offering the listener a melodic sounds as the cello seems to drift in and out like the gentle waves on the beach.

The title track and first one on the CD offers upbeat, gentle sounds played by Frank Ralls and his orchestra.

The one interesting fact is that Wren doesn’t play any instruments on this CD, but rather is the man behind it all creating such amazingly soothing pieces it seems he’s found where he belongs in music and is ready to share it with the world.

To learn more, visit Amazon > One Day In A Life by Bill Wren

Enjoy Listening to En Mai

To learn more visit Amazon > One Day In A Life by Bill Wren

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