Fundamental Techniques & Elements of Traditional Thai Massage

As a natural healing practice, Thai massage has been in existence for centuries as both a primary and complementary therapy.

The effective therapeutic treatments of Thai massage are most often used to treat pain and dysfunctions in the body.

As part of an educational Thai Bodywork DVD Series, Chuck Duff presents Thai Massage: Therapeutic Thai Fundamentals with Chuck Duff. This video details various Thai therapy techniques, and exposes viewers to the principles of body energy and anatomy.

Thai Bodywork a Healing Art

Man Stretching Shoulder of Woman during Thai MassageThai massage therapy is a centuries-old therapeutic practice with a central philosophy that pain is often caused by physical and mental or emotional imbalances. Traditional Thai medicine is primarily an energetic focus: physical, emotional, and spiritual energy can be restored through pressure on energy points throughout the body and by stretching the body according to its energy lines.

The therapeutic points in Thai massage often correspond with the points in Ayurveda, one of the natural healing modality’s influences (along with yoga and Buddhism). Thai massage has a strong oral tradition and very little written information regarding its teachings. The anatomy aspects of Thai massage are a fairly recent incorporation, and influenced by Western clinical perspectives.

Certified Thai Therapist Chuck Duff

Chuck Duff has devoted his career to the practice and education of the centuries-old holistic healing modality of Thai massage. With a background in both martial arts and yoga, and as a Certified Thai Therapist and Certified Thai Instructor, Duff established the Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage, an educational institute sharing knowledge and principles of the natural Thai approach to pain relief and deep relaxation.

Duff also serves on the faculty of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and emphasizes his personal Thai massage practice on treating pain. Duff’s knowledge and background has helped him to develop Clinical Thai Bodywork, a technique that incorporates traditional yoga with myofascial trigger point therapy, osteopathic principles, and acupoints.

Thai Massage: Natural Healing Basics

Fundamental Techniques of Thai MassageThai Massage: Therapeutic Thai Fundamentals with Chuck Duff (Thai Bodywork, Inc.) is an integral addition to Duff’s Thai Bodywork DVD Series. In this educational video, Duff demonstrates in great detail a two and a half hour therapeutic treatment using Thai massage. The styles of Thai massage covered by Duff in the video include:

  • Northern (strategic body use)
  • Southern (thumbs and elbows)
  • Royal (hands only)
  • Jap San (nerve touch)

Each technique is shown in relation to sen or energy lines, and how the techniques positively affect the painful areas. Included with the discussions of each style are illustrations and animations to assist the viewers’ learning.

The anatomical and energetic background of the human body is also discussed. Duff emphasizes body mechanics and core energy rather than therapists’ sole reliance on muscle strength.

Therapeutic Thai Fundamentals is a great resource for natural therapists with existing knowledge and experience in the ancient healing art. The video demonstrates how one massage sequence can be performed as one session, or broken up and used in different parts as a complement therapy during other therapeutic treatments.

To learn more, click > Thai Massage: Therapeutic Thai Fundamentals with Chuck Duff

Watch an Intro to the DVD

To learn more, click > Thai Massage: Therapeutic Thai Fundamentals with Chuck Duff

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