eBook Teaches You How to Market and Build a Massage Business

Marketing any business can be a confusing process. Believe me, I know! What’s more it can easily drop dangerously down your order of priorities. Many small businesses go through periods of feast and famine for this very reason. Amy Roberts knows this well and she has encapsulated her own experiences in her eminently readable eBook, “Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists”.

Roberts talks directly to you in language you might expect from an older sister or a trusted friend. The book is not just a list of theories that would otherwise bore you to death. Roberts brings each chapter alive with anecdotes about herself and her colleagues that are worth more than a thousand words on the subject. You get the strong impression that Roberts has learned all of these lessons through painful experience. She is very open about the fact that she entered the Massage Therapy business as a naïve with the wrong set of expectations. She is obviously determined to ensure that others don’t go through the misery she seems to have endured.

To benefit from this eBook you don’t need to know anything at all about marketing. Roberts steps you through every stage of your education in this subject. She explains in detail what works and what doesn’t. Her explanations of complex terms are essential reading, even for people like me who think they understand. Roberts sensibly decides that sometimes the detail is too lengthy to include in one eBook and she has sensibly dedicated additional eBooks to the subject. A good example is “How to find your target market for the massage therapy business”. She gives us some good pointers in the “Marketing” eBook but the subject is so specialized, she uses the space here to cover all of the subjects you need to know about rather than explaining each topic to the Nth degree.

Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists” is packed full of tips and illustrated examples. Roberts really wants to get her message across to her fellow massage therapists and she comes at a problem from as many angles as possible to make sure she gets the point across. With this eBook, you will also receive “Planning to Succeed in Your Massage Therapy Business.”

A striking feature of Roberts’ writing is that she is not only helping you to shape your marketing strategy and tactics. She also feels strongly that therapists need to be ethical but they should not let their ethics or their beliefs get in the way of earning a good rate of pay. Neither should they shy away from using techniques to encourage business such as a call to action that includes an incentive.

I guess she has seen so many of her fellow practitioners struggle because they allow their moral values to prevent them from using certain marketing techniques. These are the very techniques that would actually allow them to provide relief and healing to the people who would most benefit. Every conceivable aspect of marketing a small massage business is covered here. Roberts gives excellent advice on newspaper advertising, editorials, flyers and leaflets. Not just what to put into them but what to leave out and how to design them for maximum effect. She talks about getting referrals and working with the medical profession. You’ll even find advice on participating in exhibitions and shows.

She doesn’t shy away from the difficult issues of telephone marketing and cold-calling either. There is some great advice here; even coaching you through telephone conversations. The book concludes with a comprehensive FAQ-type section where Roberts has tried to answer questions that she thinks the eBook has not covered or to give people more confidence in trying the techniques she has found to be so successful.

“Marketing Secrets for Massage Therapists” is aimed squarely at the business of Massage Therapy. My business is quite different but I found Amy Roberts’ advice and style more appealing than many dry general Marketing guides that I’ve read over the years. She has really got me thinking and I know she will do the same for you. Now all I really need to do is completely rethink my 10-year plan!

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