Ancient Healing Practice of Thai Massage: Mat and Table Techniques

The centuries-old natural healing modality of Thai massage is effective in treating pain and increasing flexibility.

A holistic perspective, Thai massage techniques incorporate not only physical health, but emotional and spiritual balance as well. As such, it is an ever-increasing field of study for people wanting a career in the healing arts.

Thai massage therapist and educator Chuck Duff has released an educational Thai Bodywork DVD series, including Thai Massage: An Introduction for the Mat & Table with Chuck Duff, a video designed to supplement the education of beginner Thai massage therapists.

Benefits of Thai Massage

Demonstration of Thai MassageBoth a therapeutic approach to health and an excellent complement therapy, Thai massage is an ancient natural perspective on physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The Thai therapist incorporates the use of his or her feet, hands, arms, and legs to guide the client through a variety of yoga-like poses, using pressure and gentle stretching to relieve muscle tension or toxic build up along the chi energy lines.

Thai massage techniques are beneficial for the client in many ways, including:

  • Offering natural pain relief for common and chronic conditions
  • Restoring the body’s energy balance
  • Increasing flexibility and motion
  • Releasing build up of lactic acid and other toxins
  • Increasing overall energy levels
  • Providing a calming atmosphere for mental and physical health

Chuck Duff, Accredited Thai Massage Therapist & Instructor

Chuck Duff is an ITTA certified instructor and founder of the Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage. Duff also serves on the faculty of the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. With an extensive background in yoga, martial arts, and therapeutic bodywork, Duff educates therapists in the ancient healing field of Thai massage.

Knowing how physically demanding the occupation of massage can be, Duff promotes the benefits of this ancient healing art for practitioners. He notes the stresses and strains on fingers, hands, arms, and shoulders can be greatly reduced by learning simple techniques of Thai Massage. It also gives healers an opportunity to incorporate alternative therapeutic approach into their practices, offering clients a wider range of natural healing techniques.

DVD of Mat & Table Thai Massage

Introduction to Thai Massage for Mat & TableDuff lends his knowledge in the educational Thai Bodywork DVD Series. One video of the series, Thai Massage: An Introduction for the Mat & Table with Chuck Duff (CustomFix Studio), demonstrates for viewers a one hour session, both on the mat and on the table.

Duff clearly demonstrates for viewers:

  • How to correctly align the body
  • How to position the client’s body properly
  • The correct body mechanics

Duff also emphasizes the effortless application of Thai massage, noting therapists should rely less on their muscle strength and more on core energy.

An Introduction for the Mat & Table also introduces viewers to the stress-free techniques of HandsFree Thai and Clinical Thai Bodyworks, both creations of Duff’s.

No knowledge of Thai massage is required in order to follow Duff’s demonstrations in this video, making it suitable for beginners in this therapeutic and holistic healing modality.

For more information, click > Thai Massage for the Mat & Table

View an Intro to the Mat & Table DVD

For more information, click > Thai Massage for the Mat & Table

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