Advanced Career Training (ACT) in Morrow, Georgia

Choosing the right school from among the USA massage schools can seem confusing and quite daunting. You want one of the best massage schools in America, right?

If you want to attend one of the best massage schools Georgia has to offer, you’ll be happy to learn about ACT in Morrow, Georgia. This great school is located at 1564 Southlake Parkway, Morrow, GA 30260.

ACT’s 9-month training program will fully prepare you for the National Board exams to become licensed and operate your own massage clinic. You’ll work in small classroom groups and in the hands-on clinical laboratory to become skilled in cryotherapy, hydrotherapy, sports, Swedish, Shiatsu, chair, facial, head, therapeutic and deep tissue massage as well as reflexology and non-traditional massage techniques. You’ll have all the skills and latest information to success in this in-demand career field.

If you are seeking a stable career that will provide readily available employment without the threats of downsizing experienced in so many professions this is a wonderful career choice. Not only will you love what you but you will also be contributing to the well being of others.

You can easily receive the information you need to assess this career direction and receive the information you need to determine if this is the right school for you. Simply enter your information and a school representative will supply you with all the details.

Special Notice: ACT has removed their Massage Therapy Program

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