Using Astrology To Predict The Stock Market

Financial astrology software doesn’t have to be mystifying. There are some fabulous books and programs that have been written for techniques in using astrology to predict the stock market.

No matter which calculation method you choose, whether Vedic or Western, you should be able to start seeing patterns in any firm you choose to predict and maintain an astrology chart for their stock market activity. An easy way to test using your astrology prediction skills for the stock market is to pick three companies and do very basic charts on them.

You will need to know where these companies were formed in order to produce an accurate astrology chart for predicting their highs and lows on the stock market. You may use financial astrology software to accomplish this or simply calculate by hand. Use the method that you are most comfortable using.

Simply set up your astrological stock market prediction chart much like you would a natal astrology chart. Ask the following simple questions:

Where was the company founded? Once you find out, use that latitude and longitude.

  • What date was the company founded on? Use the standard opening hours of the business
  • as the “birth” time for your stock market prediction astrology chart.

Now, simply calculate the here and now. Pay special attention to the 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 12th houses. A fast way to look over an stock market prediction astrology chart is to “eyeball” those 4 houses for an overview. You can also get a good idea of the base “personality” of this company as a stock investment by glancing over the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in the chart.

Follow your chosen firm’s astrology charts weekly for a couple of months and then compare their stock market performance to their astrology charts and you will find nuances in your own predictions that are exclusive to your own level of knowledge. Even the most inexperienced of astrology students can do this simple exercise.

This overview is not written in stone. There is no “one way” to prepare an astrology chart for stock market prediction and you will find a way the exclusively works for you, but this is intended as a good groundwork to get you going.

Now that you know the basics for doing astrology charts for stock market prediction, pick your companies and start charting!

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