Moon Phases: The Messages of the Moon: Part 3

Under what phase of the Moon were you born? What we look for here is the aspect between the Sun and Moon at your birth. For example, a conjunction between the two would be the New Moon. An opposition between them would be the Full Moon. As is true with all aspects, if we look at them as representing the pattern of the natural horoscope, we’ll find that they are easily associated with one or two zodiac signs. I’ll go into this as we look at the various phases.

New Moon: Astrologically, we view this as the first glimmer of light of the moon. This is different from the Dark Moon, when nothing can be seen at all. This phase can be compared to Aries, the beginning. This phase has a lot of energy, has a cardinal or action ‘flavor’ to it and is a great self-starter. The connection with mother is powerful, to the point of overshadowing the personality in some cases, and tends to emotional naivete’. This could be viewed as a new cycle of experience for this soul, either as a new soul or a new step on the evolutionary ladder, depending on your perspective of such things. They tend to perceive the Universe as revolving around them, as an infant might.

Waxing Crescent The first sliver of the moon, one to two signs ahead of the Sun. We are again looking at action, but overshadowed by the memory of the past. There can be a certain rebelliousness as the individual is beginning to really ‘get’ the fact of the universe of others, and that this can impact him. I compare this phase to the “terrible twos” of a toddler, when the child tries to pit themselves against the adults in his/her world. This energy will vary in degree, since we’re looking at gradual transitions from one phase to another and the aspect involved. If there is a semi-sextile, there may be greater friction in relationships until the necessary adjustments are made, with a sextile, harmony may come in much sooner. We are still looking at the awareness level of comprehending others in one’s own world, and at this phase how these others are interfereing with it. The signs involved have the nature of Taurus or Gemini, with aquisitiveness or fact-finding.

1st Quarter: This is a cardinal square, dynamic and energetic, with the awareness of people being, “that which needs to be handled”. There is an egocentric view towards the existence of others, perceiving them as impacting oneself with little comprehension of oneself impacting others (except for purposes of control). Changing others is emphasized, and “live and let live” may be a foreign concept. This is a power aspect, creating friction, but is also capable of accomplishing a great deal. The need is there to make a clean break with the past in order to get on with the future, and this individual will prosper to the degree that he/she is able to make that break. This process of inviduation can be compared to the fledgling bird needing to leave the nest. The aspect has the nature of Aries and Cancer, of attachment and separation.

Gibbous: Four to five signs ahead of the Sun. If there is a trine aspect, the native may be very committed to making a meaningful contribution to society, desiring to dedicate their lives to a ’cause’ of some kind. This tells us that this aspect has the nature of Leo if a trine, of Virgo if the quincunx. Here we have the relationship to others being creative or of service to them. Frequently of high intellect, they tend to be problem solvers and visionary in outlook. If the aspect is more of the quincunx nature, the approaching Full Moon tension can manifest, making relationships problematical, overly demanding.

Full Moon: There seem to be two ‘types’ with this energy, the enlightened (lighted by the Sun) and the emotionally disturbed or conflicted (lunatic). These are wide generalities of course, but the Full Moon is the most spotlighted phase of all, and its natives tend to extremes. There will likely be issues with relationships, either by denial or being buffeted by them. The aspect partakes obviously of the sign of Libra. This tends to be a peak evolutionary phase, with important soul work being emphasized for the individual. The integration of inner conflicts is the goal, and the ability to release the past is a significant determining factor in success. It is those who are lost in the past and in negativity who seem to have the most difficulty with this phase. Otherwise, the natives of this phase may have important, life-changing illuminating realizations.

Disseminating: Four to five signs behind the Sun, in a trine or quincunx. Similar to the Gibbous moon, but with a greater need to share what they have gained, or to make payment for it. Thus the signs of Sagittarius or Pisces are emphasized. This is the ‘beginning of the end’ of the lunar cycle, the waning rhythm of the moon. Relationships begin to focus more emphatically on others than on oneself. Relationships are valued more for what one can bring to them rather than what one can get from them.

Third Quarter: This is the maturing focus of the cycle, where the soul can see its impact on the world around it, and take responsiblity for that impact. It has the nature of Capricorn. The tension in this phase has to do with the desire to control the environment by embodying inner ideals in such a way as to provide an example. Often, there is a tendency to be an ‘only way-er’, one who believes that their way is the only way. The paternalistic qualities of this phase can be off-putting, but usually well intentioned. They may internalize a great deal of stress.

Waning Crescent: The ‘elder statesmen’ of the soul, these are the folk who have a core belief system which works well for them and sustains them. They tend to have a contentment not found in other phases, and often not understood at all. Sometimes perceived as self-satisfied, they often feel that others should believe as they do. The aspect has the nature of Aquarius, individuated and free from the opinions of others.

Dark Moon: The period when there is no moon at all, two days prior to the New Moon. Having emphatically the nature of Pisces, this is a germinating soul, preparing for the next evolutionary period. This can be compared to a deep gestation period, when the foetus is doing its most important development. Often very visionary souls, they can have a dream which they feel must be propelled into manifestation. They may be musically or artistically gifted, able to express a quality of soul that most of us can rarely touch.

Some of these interpretations may seem a bit bleak or even negative, but one must remember that we are dealing with the moon, dark and mysterious, with no light of its own and having the character of our unconscious selves. These phases may often represent the anguish of a traumatized inner child, one who is not healed of the past. I suggest that these phases be used for counseling purposes, to enable that healing in order that the warmth and love of emotional security may be found for the client.

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