How to Stop Negative Relationship Patterns and Rewire Your Brain for Love

We tend to get trapped in the same old relationship habits and patterns that hold us back from achieving truly fulfilling connections with others.

Everyone is deserving of a successful relationship, so what is the key to overcoming these bad habits?

Dr. Marsha Lucas’s book, Rewire Your Brain for Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness (Hay House), merges neuroscience principles with mindfulness meditation to deliver a guide for sorting out these relationship traps in order to achieve vibrant relationships.

About the Author

Neuroscientist and Author Dr. Marsha LucasDr. Marsha Lucas is a neuropsychologist and psychotherapist who has been researching psychotherapy and brain behavior for the past two decades. One of her interest areas is in stimulating the brain to grow new circuits using mindfulness meditation.

Dr. Lucas asserts this is the key to improving one’s wellbeing, achieving emotional balance, improving interpersonal relationships, and ultimately developing a greater connection between one’s self and the world at large.

Mindfulness Meditation

Largely based on scientific research studies, mindfulness meditation is derived from ancient Buddhist meditation practices. Used to cultivate deeper attention to our internal and external worlds, the intention is to stop one’s self from living day-to-day “automatically” and to become more aware of being present in the moment. The mindfulness meditation technique involves slowing down to examine one’s thought process, and to situate one’s self in the here and now.

This process is being used by many health care facilities, schools, and businesses. It has been scientifically proven to positively manage stress, anxiety, chronic pain, depression, emotional instability, and many other conditions.

There are endless benefits to the practice of mindfulness meditation, including:

  • improved functioning of the immune system;
  • decreased rates of illness;
  • pain management;
  • increased physical and mental energy;
  • improved memory; and
  • improved interpersonal relationships.

Guide for Creating Positive Relationships

Rewire Your Brain For Love outlines a program for cultivating substantially better relationships in one’s life. Each chapter focuses on “high voltage” benefits to relationships that can be had, and offers scientific research on mindfulness meditation for each benefit.

Clearly written, and even humorous at times, Dr. Lucas brings the world of neuroscience into a real world discussion with which readers will easily relate. The book includes:

  • discussion on how our brain functions in regards to relationships;
  • an examination of how our current relationship habits become wired into our brains; and
  • guidance for rewiring our brains using mindfulness meditation.

Dr. Marsha Lucas's Book Rewire your Brain for LoveWith just a few minutes of mindfulness meditation practice per day, anyone can discover the joy of a high quality relationship. Improvements include better communication skills, emotional balance, and even a better sex life.

This book, available in hardcover or as a Kindle download, is a valuable manual for anyone looking for a satisfying relationship or wanting to improve on current relationships with family, friends, or partner. Rewire Your Brain for Love teaches readers that negative or distracting relationship patterns will continue to be repeated until the brain is retrained using practical mindfulness meditation.

To learn more, please click > Rewire Your Brain for Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness by Dr. Marsha Lucas

Rewire Your Brain for Love Trailer

To learn more, please click > Rewire Your Brain for Love: Creating Vibrant Relationships Using the Science of Mindfulness by Dr. Marsha Lucas

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