Past Lives 101 – Part 3: Past Life Regression for Self Healing

By Linda-Ann Stewart Ct.H., Ct.H.A

When a client recalls a past life through past life regression or self hypnosis recall, they usually recognize, and sometimes re-experience, the emotions involved in the original circumstance. Many times, just recalling the situation will create a self healing by resolving the emotion and release the decision they made.

My first past life regression or recall did just that. I was able to let go of an abhorrence to the odor of beer. No longer did I get nauseous when I smelled it on someone’s breath. But in about half the cases, some sort of processing of the energy needs to be done to resolve the situation. There are many ways of doing this. All of the techniques require the subconscious to realize that there’s no longer a need to hold onto the emotion. Understanding that the situation is long past, the subconscious recognizes that it’s not necessary to keep protecting or punishing the person. When it recognizes this, the subconscious can find a way to change. But it needs to have a different perspective to do so.

When a person wants to find the cause of a certain challenge, whether a relationship, financial limitations, or health issues, the subconscious knows where the original energy came from. I tell my clients that “The subconscious knows where all the bodies are buried. And it knows what everything is related to.” One incident may have created a cluster of attitudes that affect the person in present day.

Mona was afraid of letting anyone know of her psychic gifts. Also, she believed that no one would ever stand up for her, and did her best to be invisible. She avoided any situation that might have brought her attention, good or bad. In her life, she was often blamed for things she hadn’t done, but was terrified to defend herself. We tracked the cause of all these beliefs to her having been burned as a witch. She hadn’t been one, but that didn’t matter to the authorities, because they had their own agenda. The fear and anger she’d felt had branded itself into her subconscious mind, attracting situations that kept the beliefs alive.

In her present life, she’d had a childhood where she was the scapegoat for a younger brother. Whenever he did anything wrong, she was blamed for having done it. No one believed her when she tried to tell the truth, and she was often punished for lying. She learned to survive by disappearing whenever anything happened. Once we resolved the original incident, and she recognized the connections, she began to have confidence in herself. A co-worker verbally attacked her, and not only did Mona stand up for herself, she also had others defending her. This was a first in her life.

Some people ask me how I know that past lives are real. My answer is that as a therapeutic tool, it doesn’t matter. The subconscious mind is giving us a window into its workings, using imagery and a story. It may be a metaphor for the person’s life experience. By working through the metaphor, we can resolve the issues in their life and create self healing.

My personal view is that past lives are, for the most part, accurate. There have been too many times that odd details have been verified. A person re-experiencing a life with its emotions, the physical feeling of a different body, and different sensations, will tell you that they’d have a hard time making it up.

I was undergoing a past life regression or recall where I couldn’t visualize anything around me. The guide kept asking me what I perceived. I only saw faint shadows, though I could hear and feel things. Finally, I realized that I was blind. That’s not something that I would have formulated, especially since it didn’t affect me a great deal in that life.

As a tool, past life regression or recall can help you to understand and release age-old patterns that have affected your life. But it’s only one tool in the arsenal of spiritual growth and evolution. There are many other such resources. If you want to go through a past life regression, find a hypnotherapist in your area that has experience with this. They should have an understanding of karma, and of how energy re-creates situations.

Also, they should have a technique to help you release the outdated energy so you may heal your self. And you need to feel comfortable with your hypnotherapist, because you have to trust in their abilities before your mind will allow you to access your past lives. The more you explore your past lives in this manner, the easier it becomes. It’s a new talent and the more you practice it, the better you can trust your impressions. If you feel led to find out about your past lives, you will discover a new richness and understanding of yourself and the people in your current life.

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