The Power of Perception: Is the Glass 1/2 Full or 1/2 Empty?

As we are being taught the lessons of perception shown to us by Saturn in Gemini, it can be useful to discover what we may do consciously to expedite the process.

Perception is that action of connecting with the outside world and having it imprint on the mind as to form, content, scent, taste, texture, meaning, etc. In metaphysics, we learn that the actual cause and effect process is somewhat different from what a material conceptualization of this is.

From a material perspective, perception consists of the world showing itself to us. However, from a metaphysical perspective, we are deciding (or expecting or concluding) that we will perceive the environment in a particular way, attracting the necessary energies from the Universe to manifest in the way that we expect, and then percieving them in that way. From the perspective of the superconscious, there really are no surprises, though we may certainly experience them from our ordinary, daily consciousness.

In a highly simplified form, we could look at the old test of perception – is the glass 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? Our perception will determine the reality of the answer…to us. For the practiced metaphysician, the quality of the perception can “make” it real, that is, real to others who are also looking at the glass.

To carry it forward even further, depending on the quality of belief of the metaphysician, the glass will get filled without any physical effort on her/his part, or will become emptied. This is the “attractive” power of perception, and if we look, we will see it in action in our daily lives. Using the preceding example, we could see a waiter come along and refill the glass, or someone brush by the table and knock it over. Thus, the relative “emptiness” or “fullness” of the glass is made manifest.

Such is the power of perception.

Saturn in Gemini typically doesn’t go that far with the average individual. However, it is necessary to take a greater degree of responsibility for our perceptions. Spreading gossip for instance, may boomerang back at you with more negative consequences. Failure to return a phone call could cost you money. Disdain for a sibling could be a cause of later, deep regret.

This is a life lesson being taught our species at this time. Although each of us will respond a bit differently to this energy, depending on where Saturn falls in our chart, every human being is having to “clean up their act” in terms of communication, perception and our close connections.

The practicing metaphysician can make use of this energy.

Cooperation with a significant planetary energy by means of affirmation, visualization and meditation can speed our progress. Saturn can be an excellent energy to practice with. Visualize yourself mastering communication skills. See yourself interacting in dynamic ways with your neighbors and siblings. Affirm your increasing awareness of the subtleties of your environment. All of these actions will have greater potency than usual, as well as serving to keep you out of trouble. You see, when we disregard the lessons of Saturn we tend to be punished, much like recalcitrant children. This occurs by having the authority figures in our world bringing various disciplinary actions on us, frequently for things that we’ve done before that didn’t appear to have any consquences! This is part of the “maturing” lesson of Saturn. We are being given the opportunity to “grow up” in some way. Currently, the way that is being pointed to is that of Gemini, and perceptions.

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